Carrie and I thought we should have some respectable photos of ourselves…you know, without the ink smudges on our faces.   So we went out to the lake on the Shryock’s farm and Carrie’s mom took some wonderful photos!

This is the best…from the dock. First, we went out in a canoe, thinking that would be appropriate. After a few minutes debate, I climbed in the back which was in the water, and Carrie was about to hop in the front after pushing off from the bank. Just then, a little brown FIELD MOUSE popped out, and I was in a canoe alone with a mouse! I’m proud to say that I didn’t over turn the canoe, but just laughed, and eventually it found it’s way out and swam to shore. Who knew that mice can swim? Yuck.

After we got underway across the lake to where Carrie’s mom was waiting on the dock, I realized that there was a fountain of water spewing from the bottom of the boat, into the boat. Again, laughing. We made it to the dock, and quickly back to shore before being sunk by the pinkie-size hole in the bottom.   Did I mention our oars were broken as well?   Good times in the country.