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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Something Big is Happening Today!

We’ve known about this for a while now, but today is the day.

Today 1canoe2 is the featured seller on Etsy! We are pretty excited, and really feel honored that we would be picked out of the who-knows-how-many other incredible shops are out there. Thanks Etsy!

And since we are going to have a lot of visitors today we thought we’d share some more photos. A couple of weeks ago we were visited by the lovely Donna Boucher, aka Miz Booshay. We are big fans of her photography, and were thrilled that she brought along her camera. She has such an eye for using natural light, her photos are beautiful, just like her heart!

Our presses are located in Carrie’s family’s big red barn. If you are ever in or around the Columbia, Missouri area, you probably know where this is.

Operating the press and feeding in each paper is often times a two person job.

Hot off the press, literally!

Renegade Holiday Sale

For the second year in a row we decided to make the trek up to Chicago to be a part of the Renegade Holiday Craft Fair, and it turned out to be a GREAT weekend. Since Beth is just a few weeks out from having her baby, she decided that it might be best to stay home where she could get a little more rest. I (Carrie) was obviously a bit disappointed to be going without my sidekick, but we all knew that it would be for the best. So I recruited a team. They dubbed themselves The A Team. And they were awesome. The line-up…Karen, (sis-in-law), and Dustin and Melissa (brother and sis-in-law).

We left Mid-Missouri early on Friday evening. Everything was going great until we got to central Illinois and ran straight into a snowstorm. For about 200 miles we averaged maybe 35 mph. Dustin handled it great…and the van pulled us through. We rolled into Chicago safe and sound around 3:30 am. Ouch.

Saturday morning we drug ourselves out of bed and headed straight to the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse to set up for the fair.

Our booth location was great this year. We were lucky enough to be in the auditorium on the end of a row.

Karen and Melissa did an awesome job of helping set up the booth.

It’s a challenge to fit everything into a 6×6 ft. space, but we made it work! It is really crazy to think about how much we’ve done in a year. I feel like this year we had twice the amount of products to put on display than we did last year.

Attendance was great, and we got such a great response from all the fair goers who passed by our booth.

We were also directly across from some awesome entertainment. Dustin taking in the sweet sounds of the record players…

Saturday night we went out for some deep dish Chicago pizza at Lou Malnati’s. It was SO good, but we were SO tired. We went back to our home away from home and crashed. We were lucky to stay in a really great location not too far from where Renegade took place. The street was so pretty in the snow!

We were back at it on Sunday for day 2 of the fair. It was a lot of fun looking around at all the other booths, and meeting other vendors. So many talented people!

Christmas in Chicago!

On the way out of town on Monday morning we stopped at Millennium Park to see the giant bean sculpture.

Always a fun place to take pictures!

A BIG HUGE thanks to the team for all the work that made the weekend a success!

1canoe2 ♥ Chicago

We’re a match made in heaven!

We have SO much to tell you about the Renegade Holiday Craft Fair this past weekend in Chicago. Let’s just say that we were overwhelmed and encouraged by the great response we got from everyone who stopped by to see us. We were also excited to get some love on the Renegade blog today!

More about our weekend and lots more pictures will be coming soon!

Thank you notes are here!

So, being all pregnant and such, people seem to want to give you things for the baby. I’m totally thrilled with this! I didn’t think it would be quite right to send out someone else’s letterpress thank you notes. Thus, a new product was born.

I drew one design and Carrie drew the other, and we printed them each in 2 colorways. We are THRILLED with how they turned out.

Now I have a stack of belated notes to be gettin’ out. Better get to that and stop the yakking. We didn’t print just too many, so you better get them while you can! Here’s the shop link.

Meet us in Chicago!

This weekend, December 4th and 5th! We have a booth in the lovely auditorium at Pulaski Park Fieldhouse. Click here for all the details. I can tell you that we’ll have 10 times the selection of items over last years show.

Carrie and I were thinking back on last year, when we had only printed 1 thing on our (then new) Chandler & Price. This year, we have coasters, stickers, house kits, calendars, fabric and so many prints! We hope to have a stellar show…so please come out!

Here’s a post about last year, including some of our great booth neighbors!