Happy New Year!
These pics would mean so much more if I had taken “before” photos, but let me tell you that this is about 6 hours worth of work from 2 adults over a 3 day weekend. The place was TRASHED. Packaging boxes, etc, etc, etc.

Part of my struggle to stay organized and even to occasionally clean is that I want to go through every box and treasure, and I want to organize/clean everything perfectly, so I get easily overwhelmed. This is why it’s good to have someone else help you.   I heard the words “we’re just moving boxes, we’re not assessing each item right now.” several times, and I needed someone to do that for me.


  1. Baby steps.
  2. Use a trash bag and recycling bag liberally.
  3. Ask for help from an unemotional party.
  4. Realize that the end result is worth losing a few scraps of paper that you might have used one day in 2034.
  5. Say thank you to the person who helped you, because trust me, it’s not fun for them either.

Jason made me put away all (most) of my fabric and sewing paraphenalia, which was a huge roadblock to me organizing.   It’s just so sad! I hate to admit that I don’t have time for those fun things anymore, but truth be told, I’ve only gotten my sewing machine out once since Quiltfest in July, and that was to work on a letterpress paper banner.   I made Jason promise to keep the sewing related tubs on top in the closet so I could easily access all that stuff when I was ready. I might get the urge to sew something sweet for my baby, and maternity leave is a breeze, and I’ll have plenty of time to do everything, right? Right? RIGHT?

I love those “1” and “2” prints, both from Hammerpress in Kansas City. All we need is a canoe in between!

It’s not immaculate by any means, but just having a clear desk from which to ship our Etsy orders is huge.