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Monthly Archives: June 2011

A new space to call our own

We’ve got some exciting news!

1canoe2 is getting a new workspace!

How did this all happen?  Well, let me tell you.  A couple of years ago, Beth and I got this crazy idea to buy an old Chandler & Price letterpress that weighs a ton.  Literally.  Before we made the trip to Iowa to pick it up we thought we should probably figure out a place for it to reside once we got our hands on it.  We knew putting it in either of our own houses was not an option.  And neither of us have garages.  So I called my dad and we had a conversation that went something like this…

Me:  Hey Dad, Beth and I are buying an antique letterpress.  It weighs about 2000 pounds, is made of cast iron, and we don’t really know how to use it yet.  But we’re going to try.  Can we put it in your barn?

Dad:  Sure!  And, we’ll just use the forklift to move it around, and you can use any our tools, and yeah, go ahead and take over the front room.  We’ll just work around your stuff.

And that is kind of what happened.  We moved right in.  Then the fall season came around.  In my family, fall means harvest time, but it also means corn maze time.  For the last 10 years we have created a maze in our corn field and it has become a fairly large attraction in our area.  People love the maze!

Our little print shop was not a part of the corn maze business plan, so we got moved out.  Moved down the road actually, to my parents garage.  For about three months.

You can see in this picture we’ve gained another press.  And, a guillotine style paper cutter, which isn’t small either.  Printing continued, seamlessly.

After moving back to the barn we acquired yet another press, a Kluge with automatic feed.  This operation is getting serious!

Then my dad and I had another conversation that went something like this…

Dad: Carrie, corn maze season is coming up again before too long.  We’re going to have to find a more permanent place for you girls to go.

Shoot.  We’ve finally worn out our welcome, we’re getting kicked out!

Dad:  I was thinking, we could pour some concrete in the barn by the house, and we could build you your own room.  We could put all your presses and equipment in there, and you girls could just use that room how ever you want.

Me:  Seriously?!  Um…okay!

So that is how this all happened.  See, we told you we have GREAT DADS!!!

This is the barn that we will be moving into soon.  It’s the real deal.  It is probably around 100 years old, but in great shape.  I grew up playing in and around this barn.  It seemed like I was always climbing up into the loft looking for our cats and their litters of kittens.

Here is a shot of early progress.  Concrete has been poured over the dirt floor where our studio will be, and the walls are starting to take shape.


How lucky are we?!  The support and encouragement we get from our families is unbelievable.  We’ve got big plans for this room, and we have already rounded up some new furniture to help in organizing the space.  We are extremely excited to move in, hopefully not too many weeks from now!

Don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted.

:: Carrie ::

On Father's Day

Father’s Day has special meaning for me this year. My husband, Jason is a father. I’m incredibly thankful that Amelia has such a sweet, compassionate, funny dad. I can’t wait to see how their relationship will develop in the years to come. I’m looking forward to the day that I can hear them playing dress up (while I’m doing crafts!) in the next room. He will totally be the dad who wears a tutu to get his girl to laugh.

Carrie and Karen and I have wonderful fathers to call our own. We wouldn’t be the strong, independent gals we are if we didn’t have our fathers to guide but not rule our paths. 1canoe2 is incredibly lucky to have our dads as well!

This is my dad with Amelia:

My dad has now built over 1200 recipe card boxes. Dang. And Carrie’s dad is building us a new amazing workspace which we hope to begin revealing to you very soon.



Thank you for all the times we’ve called and said any of the following:

“Uh, we bought something really heavy, can you pick it up?”

“Hey dad, we just got an order for 1000 recipe boxes from Anthropologie. You can give up your summer golf career to be a woodworker, right?”

“Dad, someone stole the electric cord from the press. Can you wire us a new one?”

“Dad, can you watch my baby for 2 hours while I go to a job interview?”

“Hey, we designed our calendar this year with those awesome wood stumps that you made us. We need 600 of them.”

We have awesome dads. Our daughters  have awesome dads, too. The kind of dads who were kind and gentle, but didn’t treat us like princesses. They treated us like girls who would grow up and be intelligent world citizens and run their own businesses. And yet, from the early days till now, we couldn’t do it without their support. We love you, Dads!

Here is Carrie’s dad (and Karen’s father-in-law) with Karen’s daughter:



Fun in New York!

Our trip to New York was centered around the National Stationery Show, which was a blast.  But, when the day came to an end we made sure to take advantage of the fact that we were in New York, and found some other fun things to do!  The weather didn’t exactly cooperate.  It rained almost all week, so picture taking opportunities were few and far between, but here is a glimpse into our time away from the trade show.

Amelia visited Radio City Music Hall!

Our apartment for the week was not too far from Rockefeller Center, so of course, we had to pay a visit to Al, Natalie, and Matt!

Karen was really wanting to get on TV, but we just missed it.

I got to celebrate my birthday in the Big Apple!   I wanted cupcakes from the Magnolia Bakery.  Yes, it’s the place made famous by the girls on Sex in the City.  But it is also where Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell ate cupcakes on the way to see the Chronicles of Narnia in Lazy Sunday.

“Two, no, six, no, twelve, bakers’ dozen.  I told you that I’m crazy for these cupcakes, cousin.”

We also squeezed in a Broadway show.  Karen was really excited about seeing Mamma Mia!

The night after the show ended we ate dinner at  Eataly, one of Mario Batali’s resturants.  It was delicious!

On our last day in the city we crossed over the river to Brooklyn to the area known as DUMBO, which stands for  Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.

Our reason for making the trip into Brooklyn was to visit the Etsy headquarters!  I think this was a highlight for all of us.  It was really interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes, and to actually talk to the people who are the backbone of the whole Etsy community.

When we introduced ourselves as the girls from 1canoe2 they actually knew who we were!  That was kind of an honor considering that there are a gazillion people selling on Etsy, and a ton of really great shops.  They asked for our opinion about certain features on the site and asked if we had any concerns or suggestions on how to make it better.




What a fun trip!  We learned SO much about what it takes to be successful at a national trade show, and we are already talking about how we’ll come back bigger and better next year!

:: Carrie ::







My latest obsession: Pinterest

Have you seen Pinterest? It’s FANTASTIC. Just what I love out of the internet: images, images, images infinity. You can scroll your little heart out!  

It’s a lot like making style boards, but without all the clicking, saving, photoshopping. And it’s automatically shared with all of your followers. It’s such a brilliant idea because you can edit your own pages, and you can go back and find that super cute baby onsie tutorial without having a million bookmarks.

Carrrie and I each have our own boards, which has enabled us to share images and ideas and color swatches. You can “tag” someone in the comment section as well. Brilliant!

In a nutshell, it’s a website that functions just like my brain, and probably like yours as well: It’s all in pictures. And it’s probably more organized. How did someone get in my brain and make this? Which came first, my brain or Pinterest? Uh…hello? Anyone still listening? Perhaps I’m getting a little slap-happy. It is 9:30p.m., after all. Practically the middle of the night for this new mother :)

You can see Carrie’s board here:

Beth’s boards here:

Come join us! We’d love to see what you have to show off as well!

Friends We Met, Artists We Admire

We were blown away by artists who could be considered our competitors, but whom we consider kindred spirits.  This was definitely a situation where you want to bring your best A+ game.. It’s so hard not to get a burn in your stomach when you see someone’s awesome booth. I’ll admit: I get a little jealous.
But it’s all good! Competition keeps us on our toes, and there’s room for everyone. It’s just important to highlight what makes you different. Thus our “elevator pitch” when people came into the booth “We’re a little letterpress company out of Columbia Missouri, and we specialize in everything hand-drawn”. It got a little monotonous, but we think it helped.
Check out some of our favorite lovely booths and products: