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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Heading West

Summer is here.  In full force.

In our part of the world that means every time you step out the door you get slammed in the face with a wall of humid, hot, sticky air.  It also means thunderstorms, which I love, as long as it doesn’t get too out of control.  It means wildflowers are blooming, and the corn is growing.  Sometimes if you look close enough you can actually see it grow.  Well, no, not really.  But it seems like it.



I have spent the last month printing, and printing and printing like CRAZY.  I’ve been trying to get us caught up on all of the production work that needed to be done so we can fill all of the orders from the National Stationery Show.  And also because I happen to be taking off today on a little adventure, well, kind of a big one, and I didn’t want to leave Beth and Karen with my end of the work undone.



I’m off on a LONG road trip with our friend Abby, who is moving to Portland, OR.  Yay for her!  Sad for us.  Our route is going to take us through Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, and we”ll finally end up in Oregon.  We’re going to hit up a bunch of the National Parks, and do lots of hiking, including a week long backpacking trip through Glacier National Park in Montana.  The temperature here has been hovering in the mid nineties recently, and I’m packing a down vest, a winter hat, and bear spray.  I hope I have to use the vest and the hat.  I hope I don’t have to use the bear spray.



I plan on posting pictures and stories of adventure from the road.  If any of you know of any great places we need to stop along the way I want to hear about them!


:: Carrie ::

Happy Birthday America

You’re lookin’ good.

Places in America Print, by You Me and the Royal We.

American Souvenir Collection, by Dolan Geiman.

America the Beautiful, by Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth (Tugboat Printshop)


Keep Talking America, by Sarajo Frieden



And, here is some exciting news:  Our Hail to the Chief Print can soon be found at the Smithsonian!  Well, in the museum shop, but still, it’s the Smithsonian!!  How about that.