I’ve been working my “command+z” fingers to death lately working on a big project with a national company. Vague enough for you? Let’s just say that I’ll be able to announce it all soon, and I’ve had to design 25+ cards and 5 more templates for letterpress cards.   Carrie did a lot of drawings, but then it was up to me to digitize, color and design them all.

For as much work as this mystery project was, it’s been really fun. Letterpress is of course the most awesome of paper media, but there are lots of limitations on design. It was so nice to come up with some ideas that could be full color and for which I didn’t have to account for the difficulty of printing them on our old presses.

This is another little project that I did recently for my cousin’s baby shower. Sometimes it’s fun, refreshing, and good for my brain to think with my hands and eyes before I start pushing the mouse.   I watercolored a little pattern, scanned it and whipped this out in no time flat.

It always seems that just when I think the well has run dry, I switch to a different art form, and have plenty of new ideas.   I’m always happy to return to our hunk-a-hunk-a rusty iron, though.