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Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Year in Review…

Wow.  2011 has been so good to us.

Thanks to all of you who read our blog and have supported and encouraged us along the way.  Our hope is that YOUR  next year is filled with joy and happiness and peace and blessings!  We mean it, really, from the bottom of our hearts!

So many wonderful things happened this year!  Here are just some of the highlights…

What a year!  It makes me tired just to think of all that has happened.  Here’s to even bigger adventures in 2012!

In the Studio


Sometimes I have to leave myself reminders to do those important things that sometimes get overlooked.


Today I just finished up printing some promotional materials that we’re sending out to prospective buyers in hopes that they will come visit our booth at the gift show in New York. We think they look pretty sharp!


Speaking of the gift show, here is an update on the progress of our booth set up…

The walls are constructed, and yesterday we had a little planning session about how we’re actually going to display all of our products. We ended up with this complicated diagram. Now to build shelves and add all the details. Hope we got those measurements right!

:: Carrie ::

A Handmade Christmas

For every occasion, my mom always says “Beth, why on Earth would you buy me something? Just make me something!” Because that’s a lot harder, Mom, and I make stuff for you all the time. She will have to settle for handmade by someone, if not her favorite daughter.

Of course we love handmade holiday gifts! We make a living on them, but we like to support other artists as well, and frankly, they’re just so much cooler!

Here are a couple of things I purchased for my nearest and dearest for the holidays (and Amelia’s upcoming birthday. Good thing she can’t read blogs…yet!)

Mr. Sogs, MiChiMaLAND, One Garnet Girl

Alphabet magnets from MiChiMaLAND (been eyeing these for quite a while)

Mr. Sogs’s rainbow monster will be great for Amelia’s rainbow-themed birthday party!

A ring very similar to this from Poppy. (this ring is from OneGarnetGirl)

Kinship Press, Biggs & Featherbelle, All Along Press

Tea Towels from our neighbor at Renegade Handmade Chicago: Kinship Press.

Some Biggs & Featherbelle Soap made a great hostess gift!

A calendar from All Along Press for myself, ahem.

IAmHome, Anna Ourth, Villa Design

A “Fence” wallhanging, also for myself. From IAmHome.

Simple post earrings for Carrie from Anna Ourth.

A sweet little necklace for Karen from Villa Designs

What a great Christmas we had! Next up we’ll have to post some of the gifts we gave other people.

Christmas by the numbers

Hey there! It’s Beth, the slacking member of our blogging team. I’ve been so busy mailing our artwork to our fantastic customers that I have had no time for blogging! I thought I might share a few interesting numbers with you from 1canoe2 this year.

packages sent out on our busiest day


  orders we’ve shipped out of my basement studio-turned shipping center


state prints we’ve shipped out since Nov. 1st. (thanks, Southern Living)




the number of people who now know how to run our shipping department


new items in the store this year dreamed up, drawn, and printed by us.


number of trips made to Chicago (and also the number of times that Karen has been to the Windy City, but still not seen anything touristy or fun).

Total full time jobs for Carrie and I at this time last year


Total full time jobs for us this year


Awesome new studio in a different red barn. (Here’s the link)


Hardworking, fun-loving gals who are lucky to have one another.


1canoe2 karen shryock carrie shryock beth snyder letterpress

I’m so glad to be done with the CRAZY shipping that we have been doing since November. We’re so thankful for our faithful followers and fans! You guys are helping us live the dream, piece by piece and bit by bit. I can’t WAIT to start working on all of the new projects we have in mind for next year.

Merry Christmas to all!




Have a Happy Holiday Weekend!


Have a happy holiday weekend everyone! We’re hoping you have a relaxing time with friends and family, and are able to enjoy all that the season has to offer! Last year we had a white Christmas, which we took full advantage of! It doesn’t look like snow this year, but that doesn’t mean there will be any less Christmas spirit! Here are a few things to get you in the mood…

I’ve been listening to this album for the last couple of weeks. It’s my favorite this year!

Christmas around the world.

Love this wrapping paper.

This would be a yummy Christmas breakfast.

a Christmas Treat.

Artists We Admire :: Carson Ellis


I first ran across the work of artist/illustrator Carson Ellis a while back, and was immediately drawn to her style.

Ellis first became known as the artist behind the album covers for the band The Decemberists – her husband is lead singer Colin Meloy.    She eventually began illustrating children’s books, and some of her works include  Lemony Snicket’s  The Composer is Dead, and  The Mysterious Benedict Society  series by Trenton Lee Stewart.

Her latest work is called  Wildwood, a story which just happens to be written by Meloy.  Wildwood is “a spellbinding tale full of wonder, danger, and magic that juxtaposes the thrill of a secret world and modern city life.”  It’s sure to be a great story coming from the imagination of Colin Meloy, who is known for his inventive and fantastic storytelling, but I’ll be just as interested in the illustrations.



:: Carrie ::

Making an Impression

This weekend I had some help tearing a little old shed down to it’s bare bones.

We stripped the boards off the outside walls, pulled out all the old rusty nails, threw the salvaged wood onto the back of the pickup truck, and took it home.

Why?  Well, we have big plans for this little shed.

1canoe2 is going to be an exhibitor at the New York International Gift Fair in New York City at the end of January.  We went to the Big Apple last May to take part in the National Stationery Show, which was a great experience for us.  We learned a ton.  But we decided that maybe we could find a better niche at the gift show, because we have more than just stationery to offer.

When we were there in May one of the big things we learned is how to really make an impression at a big trade show.  We saw some incredible booths where the exhibitors had put a huge amount of time into planning a display that showed off their product.  We took note.  We immediately had some big ideas of what we would to the next time.

Well, the next time is here.  We’re planning our set up for the gift show and that’s where this little shed comes in.  We’re using the salvaged boards to build the display walls for our booth.  So, why not just go buy some lumber?  Why go to the trouble of salvaging it from an old leaning-over little building?  Well, we decided that we want our potential wholesale buyers to really feel what 1canoe2 is all about.  We want it to  feel like they’re stepping into our studio when they come to visit us.  So, we’re using old weathered barn board.  And as my dad says, “you can’t buy this stuff.”

That’s the plan.  It’s exciting, and a little intimidating.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

:: Carrie ::

This week I had the press all loaded up with our shiny gold ink, and it looked so festive!

I’m not over the top glittery and glitzy and glamourous, but I do like sparkly things in small doses.  Especially at Christmas time.

And, especially when those things are gold.

Some gold things that I noticed this week…

And, do you know what else is gold?  Beth’s Emmy.

Wait.  What?!

True story!  Beth has an Emmy, and it’s real.  Seriously.  She won it back in her days working at good ‘ol Channel 5 in Nashville.  I bet you didn’t know that she’s a genius when it comes to TV graphics.

That’s right.  She’s golden.

:: Carrie ::