Hey there! It’s Beth, the slacking member of our blogging team. I’ve been so busy mailing our artwork to our fantastic customers that I have had no time for blogging! I thought I might share a few interesting numbers with you from 1canoe2 this year.

packages sent out on our busiest day


  orders we’ve shipped out of my basement studio-turned shipping center


state prints we’ve shipped out since Nov. 1st. (thanks, Southern Living)




the number of people who now know how to run our shipping department


new items in the store this year dreamed up, drawn, and printed by us.


number of trips made to Chicago (and also the number of times that Karen has been to the Windy City, but still not seen anything touristy or fun).

Total full time jobs for Carrie and I at this time last year


Total full time jobs for us this year


Awesome new studio in a different red barn. (Here’s the link)


Hardworking, fun-loving gals who are lucky to have one another.


1canoe2 karen shryock carrie shryock beth snyder letterpress

I’m so glad to be done with the CRAZY shipping that we have been doing since November. We’re so thankful for our faithful followers and fans! You guys are helping us live the dream, piece by piece and bit by bit. I can’t WAIT to start working on all of the new projects we have in mind for next year.

Merry Christmas to all!