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Monthly Archives: January 2012

The week before a trade show


The week before New York International Gift Fair. Should I be more nervous? Nah.


Last week we were frantically packing, spray gluing, sawing, painting, and sewing to get everything ready to go into the big ole’ crate. Then Thursday, with a sigh of relief, we watched the UPS truck pull away with that big old crate. I was thinking that this week would be a bit more laid back. Ha!


Here’s a snapshot from the week:


Pot Roast in the oven = epic fail.
Yesterday our new most awesome intern, Haley, started working. After much floundering on my part to meet her at my house, she arrived there 20 minutes before me. “go ahead and go in and make yourself at home,” I said. She walked in and proceeded to pick up the contents of our kitchen trash can which had loving been strewn across the floor by Walter, our little Boston Terrier. Oh, and I had been attempting a new recipe for supper, which was being incinerated in the oven, so the house stunk like burned Dr. Pepper and chipotle peppers. “Hi, new intern, we are so professional here at 1canoe2 industries. Please be my house maid, and suffer my personal kitchen nightmares.” Great start.


Actually, though, I’m not too stressed, and I just have a few things to wrap up, like picking up the catalogs from the printer, buying an extra toothbrush, scheduling our airport transport, and packing my wardrobe.
Here’s my packing list so far:

  • Saturday: old levi’s, long-sleeve t-shirt, black fleece vest, tennis shoes
  • Sunday: new skinny jeans, new black Gap shirt, long brown sweater, tall boots
  • Monday: black striped dress, hot pink cardigan, colored tights, black flats
  • Tuesday: black pants, rainbow shirt, camisol, black thick shoes
  • Wednesday: trouser pants, black cotton shirt, green sweater
  • Thursday: new jeans, boots, coral striped shirt, black blazer
  • Friday: black leggings, ??? Purple shirt, grey skirt, camisole
  • Extras: black sweaters, pajamas, t-shirts

Yeah, I had to plan out my outfits, because I’m wardrobe-challenged. I hate all of my clothes. You try finding a black blazer that fits a 6’ tall, ample-chested lady (I use the term loosely) and does not look like a funerary tent. I need to be on “what Not To Wear” Seriously. I could wear sweats for a month or two so they can get all that bad b-roll video that the show as the “before”.


New York Holga Print

Awesome NYC photos by Scottography on Etsy.


Anyway, we’ll be in New York City on Friday! We’re so excited, and I, for one, am 200% less terrified than when we went to the Stationery Show last May. I’m not bringing a 4 month old baby and my mom, for starters. And we know what to expect a little more. We’re hoping to meet lots of interesting and cool people, and have dinner at some fun restaurants. We’re taking suggestions!

Here’s how excited Karen is about going to New York:

We’ll be back next week with some NYIGF updates and post-show breakdowns.

Happily Ever After

Look! It’s our newest addition to the 1canoe2 greeting card line…Happily Ever After! This card is printed in 4 colors, and is perfect for congratulating your favorite newly married or soon-to-be-married couple. I snapped some quick photos as I went along to show you the stages in the four color printing process.

First I printed the most detailed part in black. Once this is printed I know exactly where the rest of the colors will be placed.

Blue came next, to fill the background.

Just a little bit of pink.And, finally, gold was the fourth color.

Seems pretty simple, right? Well, there is a lot more work that goes into printing a card like this than this would lead you to believe. Sometime soon I’ll show you the FULL process – how a design goes from a drawing in our sketchbook to a printed piece.

You will be amazed. I promise.

:: Carrie ::

Wednesday in the Studio



Our booth set up for the New York International Gift Fair is coming right along! We’ve been spending time in the woodshop, building shelves, and painting signs.

This morning it all came together and we did a practice run to make sure we know how to assemble all the pieces.


We think it’s looking pretty sharp so far. One more week before everything ships to New York!

A Chance Encounter

Here’s your vocabulary word for the day: Murmuration

Sound it out. Mur-mur-ation.

Good! Do you know what it means? A murmuration is a flock of starlings. You’ve probably seen it before, when a huge group of starlings fly in a big mass. They swoop and dive and kind of dance in the sky. I saw a group of them doing just that the other day. It’s pretty amazing, right? Well, wait until you see this. These two girls in Ireland, who just happen to be in a canoe (love that!) witnessed a murmuration that is INCREDIBLE! Lucky for us they got it all on video.

:: Carrie ::