If there is one thing I’m looking forward to this summer it is the 2012 Olympics.  I. Love. The. Olympics.  How can you not?  The stories of overcoming obstacles, the national pride, and all those obscure and quirky sports that get time in the once-every-four-years spotlight.  It’s just the best.  I always find myself thinking “How can I get to the Olympics?  Surely there is some obscure skill out there that I could become world class at.”  Archery?  Badminton?  Shooting?

So what will the Olympics sound like this year?  Check this out.  Mark Ronson spent months with Olympic sports men and women from across the board, sound-recording their every hop, skip and jump.  He collected enough sound to use as ingredients for some exciting, Olympic tunes.  Here is the trailer for  Beat 2012  â€“ a film documenting his journey.

It’s time to work on my Badminton serve.

:: Carrie ::