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Monthly Archives: April 2012

The Apprentice

I think we may have a future business tycoon on our hands.

Yesterday Natalie (Karen’s 5 year old daughter, my niece) paid me a visit while I was working in the studio.  The first thing she did was excitedly hand over her newest creation.  ”Aunt Carrie, I made you some new business cards!”  Yes she did.

I would say they are kind of perfect.  Simple, yet designed well.  Our business name, 1canoe2, and our website address,  That’s really all the information you need to know.  The orange diamond pattern in the background is right up our alley, and of course she remembered the blue canoe, our signature image.  She topped it all off by putting one of us in the canoe – I’m not sure exactly who that is, but they seem to be having a really great time!

We are needing some more business cards, and are planning on designing some new ones very soon.  Maybe Natalie has already done it.

I’m going to start calling her “the apprentice.”

:: Carrie ::

This Week in the Studio…

I spent a little time reacquainting myself with my watercolors.  Experimenting with some new ideas for some new products.

We had a photo shoot.  What?  That’s right.  Some grown-up new head shots for our fancy-pants website that’s coming soon.  A big thanks to the girls at Silverbox Photography.  We can’t wait to see how good you’ve made us look!

Lots and lots of printing.  Lots.

We’ve got a whole bunch of new cards rolling off the press right now.  I put a big dent in the “things to print” list, but there’s much more to come.  I wish I knew the last time I re-set the fancy “counting machine” function on our antique letterpress.  It’s been a while.  I’ve been watching those numbers slowly creep up and up and up.  Well, today it finally got to 99,999 and all of the numbers clicked back over to zero and we started counting again.

What a busy week!  These are just a few of the things I’ve had my hand in.  Karen and Beth are working their tails off as well.  We have SO much going on right now.  I think we all feel like we are being pulled in three different directions all the time, but we just keep rolling right along.  Only one more month until the National Stationery Show!  O-ma-gosh.

:: Carrie ::

Ushering in a new 1canoe2 logo

Where we were:

Back in 2008 when Carrie and I thought it would be a fun little adventure to start an Etsy shop, we had no idea that 1canoe2 would grow to consume both of our fulltime jobs, sell to Anthropologie, and take us to New York 3 times a year.

We debated back and forth about our name, and then I drew up a little logo, and it stuck. End of story.  It went like this: I drew up the logo during a meeting at work, e-mailed it to Carrie (I was still living in Nashville), and it was done.

So now that our business is a little more grown-up, we decided to give our logo a little shot of maturity as well.


Designing a logo for yourself is very hard, but at the same time, we couldn’t see ourselves having someone else draw our canoe or the lettering for us. I mean, it’s kinda what we do.  So after several unsuccessful attempts over e-mail, Carrie and I sat down for a marathon session of drawing, designing, and hand-wringing, and got it done.

Here it is on some of our collateral material (what we send with Etsy packages and the like).

I should take this opportunity to say that we are working on a BRAND NEW WEBSITE as well. We are so excited! It’s going to have a shop, and a fancy new look that is all about 1canoe2 and you!  We’ll share more about that as it gets closer to launch day in a month or so.


Living off the Land

I don’t know about where you live, but spring seems to have come early here in Missouri this year.  Actually, the last few days have felt more like summer.  We took advantage of the great weather this weekend to head out into the woods to go hunting for mushrooms.    If you live in the midwest, you know what I’m talking about.  It’s that small window of opportunity, when you hope the conditions have been perfect, to find the elusive morel mushroom.

They’re a midwest delicacy.  When you find one, it’s unmistakable.  Here’s what they look like…

Hopes are always high.  Some years there are a few, some years there are none.  We headed out to an undisclosed location (it’s a secret!) to see what we could find.  This year I guess the conditions were perfect, and we picked the right day, because it was a bumper crop!

Four bags full.  And, we could have brought home more, but we ran out of room.  Successful hunt!

Not only were the mushrooms plentiful this weekend, but the fish were biting too.  On Sunday afternoon Natalie and I spent a little time fishing from the dock on our lake.

We pulled in at least fifteen fish in a little over an hour!  That makes for a fun fishing trip for a five year old.

Toby was loving it too.

Sunday night dinner was fried morel mushrooms and fresh caught crappie.

Can’t beat that.

:: Carrie ::