I think we may have a future business tycoon on our hands.

Yesterday Natalie (Karen’s 5 year old daughter, my niece) paid me a visit while I was working in the studio.  The first thing she did was excitedly hand over her newest creation.  ”Aunt Carrie, I made you some new business cards!”  Yes she did.

I would say they are kind of perfect.  Simple, yet designed well.  Our business name, 1canoe2, and our website address, 1canoe2.com.  That’s really all the information you need to know.  The orange diamond pattern in the background is right up our alley, and of course she remembered the blue canoe, our signature image.  She topped it all off by putting one of us in the canoe – I’m not sure exactly who that is, but they seem to be having a really great time!

We are needing some more business cards, and are planning on designing some new ones very soon.  Maybe Natalie has already done it.

I’m going to start calling her “the apprentice.”

:: Carrie ::