Well, it feels like summer is officially here!  I hope you have enjoyed your day off from work today, but more importantly I hope you’ve at least spent a little bit of time thinking of those who have served in our military, and the sacrifices they’ve made for our country, and for us!

Here in Columbia we honor past and present military service men and women all weekend long – complete with an air show and a parade right through downtown.  It’s great to see all the flags flying around town and I love hearing the low rumble of those old war planes flying overhead.

I’ll speak for myself when I say I always think of my two grandpas on this day.  They both served during WWII, one as a merchant marine, and the other as part of a B-17 bomber crew.  The sacrifices that they made, and the stories that I hear of that time in our history is awe inspiring.

Go thank a veteran!

:: Carrie ::