We’ve got an all-star team here in NYC, and we’re working hard!

Beth and Karen and I brought along our friend Lily this time who has been a GREAT help in and out of the booth. It’s nice having an extra hand when we need it, and Lily has stepped right up to the task. I think she’s learning a lot bout the wholesale world, which will come in handy in her own business. She’s quite the jewelry designer!


Sales are good, and everyone seems to be excited about the new products that we’re introducing to our line!


We enjoyed a delicious, hard earned dinner tonight at Mario Batali’s Birreria, one of our favorite places.

Let me tell you, that Mario Batali knows how to cook a steak. I think I might have had the best steak I’ve ever eaten in my whole life. Seriously. It. Was. Good.

:: Carrie ::