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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Take Note!

Last Friday we FINALLY received a huge shipment of new 1canoe2 goodies! There were several misadventures with this shipment, but all 2400 kilos of notepads were rolled/pushed/pulled up our driveway last week. ( I shudder to think what my neighbors thought about an 18-wheeler being parked in the street)20121023-101354.jpg

Welcome to the Let’s Eat, This Week, Acorn, Barn, and Hello! notepads!  Carrie painted all of these designs which we had made into lovely little notebooks bound with a very posh linen tape at the top.

Plan your weekly menu and grocery list:


And finally: our exclusive Anthropologie notepads! We worked together with some fabulous gals at Anthro and we’re in the process of delivering pallets of them to be sold online (soon) and at their stores.

We have so  many new projects in the works right now! New recipe cards are coming soon. Get excited!


It takes a village

We live in, and are warmly supported by, a close-knit rural community. It’s the kind of place where people work hard and help their neighbors. Earlier this fall, our dear friend Amy asked us all to come to a barn-raising of sorts. She and her husband are building a blueberry farm, and it’s a huge undertaking.

They gathered friends and family and neighbors to help put their 800 new “babies” in the ground.

On days like these, we are all thankful that we work on our own time schedule so that we can help a friend in need. It was fun, too!


There’s nothing like a hard day’s labor rewarded by a shared meal under a shade tree. Am I right?

We can’t wait to come pick berries and see the (literal) fruits of our labor in a year or two at the future Danamay Farms!


Friday in the Studio…

We’ve been putting our noses to the grindstone this week working on lots and lots of new stuff. Hopefully we’ll be able to share some of it with you real soon!

Have a fantastic weekend! We’re looking forward to enjoying some great fall weather and hopefully seeing the St. Louis Cardinals advance to the World Series. Go Redbirds!

Farmin’ With Brett – Fall Harvest

It’s that time of year again! Fall is here, and that means it a busy season on our farm. This year has definitely been a trying one.  Who knew that after such a great spring planting season that mother nature would decide to throw a curve ball and send one of the driest and hottest summers that anyone around here has ever seen?

I’m sure you have been wondering about the corn, haven’t you? Well, maybe you haven’t. But, I have good news. Thanks to an extensive irrigation system, and a lot of prayers and hard work, this year’s crop made it through one of the worst growing seasons ever. Last week I caught up with Brett in the middle of his favorite job on the farm…

Driving the combine. He’s real serious about his job. Can you tell?

Actually, it’s pretty fun to ride along. There’s a GPS system that monitors just how much corn is being harvested as it comes into the combine, in real time. It’s fancy.

When the hopper gets full the combine dumps all the corn into the grain truck. That’s Mike, my brother (Karen’s husband), making sure Brett doesn’t dump any corn over the edge and all over the road. I’m pretty sure that’s never happened.

Then it’s hauled to the grain bin where it will be stored until it’s transported to the grain elevator and sold.

In a nutshell, that’s what happens. I’ll let Brett explain it to you in a little more detail.

But wait a minute! Before you jump into the combine with us, you might want to go back and see where this all started…

In May we rode in the tractor with Brett and planted the corn.

In July we went along with Brett to check the irrigation system.

All caught up? Okay, now it’s time to harvest…

Farmin’ With Brett – Fall Harvest 2012 from 1canoe2 on Vimeo.

:: Carrie ::

1canoe…4? Welcome, Zach!

It’s been a long time coming. First we brought Karen onboard to help with wholesale accounts and the mountain of communication that flows our way. Then Carrie quit her full time job a year ago in June, then this past May, I finally cut my cord to a steady paycheck. And still, we needed more help. So we hired our first employee! May he be the first of many!

Meet Zach. He’s hilarious, organized, and he came to his interview dressed to match Carrie. What more could you ask for? He also has a ton of small business and social media marketing experience. Most of all, we think he will fill in the little (or big) holes where Karen, Carrie and I are lacking. Can you Twitter? Cause Carrie and I don’t even remember our password.

Check out Zach’s Panera member’s card on his keychain.

He’s going to be in charge of logistics, wholesale orders, organizing the whole business, and making us laugh. It’s a tall order, but he’s just the guy for the job. Oh, yeah, and he’ll probably be upping our social media interactions. Well, he better be, cause that’s why we hired him.


A New Favorite Thing

I’ve got a new favorite thing. It’s called Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bleed Proof White.

I can be kind of a snob about the art supplies I use. High quality materials are the only way to go, and this stuff has definitely made the cut. Not only has it made the cut, but it has soared to the top of the list, and it has revolutionized the way that I’ve been working lately. But, apparently I haven’t been using it the way that it is intended to be used. Here is how it’s described…

“Cover mistakes using Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bleed Proof White. It is an opaque watercolor that covers dye colors, markers and designer colors such as gouache. It is not intended for mixing.”

Well, that’s not true! I’ve been mixing it with my gouache and watercolors and it has done amazing things! It makes the paint more opaque. In other words, it makes it non-translucent, so I can paint multiple layers. I know some people who use it as as ink for calligraphy. It can be watered down and tinted to any color, and writes beautifully on dark paper.

It’s good stuff. Real good. My only complaint is that it comes in tiny little 1 ounce jars.

:: Carrie ::