It’s been a long time coming. First we brought Karen onboard to help with wholesale accounts and the mountain of communication that flows our way. Then Carrie quit her full time job a year ago in June, then this past May, I finally cut my cord to a steady paycheck. And still, we needed more help. So we hired our first employee! May he be the first of many!

Meet Zach. He’s hilarious, organized, and he came to his interview dressed to match Carrie. What more could you ask for? He also has a ton of small business and social media marketing experience. Most of all, we think he will fill in the little (or big) holes where Karen, Carrie and I are lacking. Can you Twitter? Cause Carrie and I don’t even remember our password.

Check out Zach’s Panera member’s card on his keychain.

He’s going to be in charge of logistics, wholesale orders, organizing the whole business, and making us laugh. It’s a tall order, but he’s just the guy for the job. Oh, yeah, and he’ll probably be upping our social media interactions. Well, he better be, cause that’s why we hired him.