I just wanted to go ahead and say thanks to those of you who have purchased, or plan to purchase, something from our shop to give to someone special this Christmas season! We are certainly busy packing up orders to be sent out the door, but we wouldn’t want it any other way! The mailman might tell you otherwise. We’ll be sure to bake him some cookies.

In my extended family this year, we traded names, as usual, but our gift giving requirements have changed. We decided that we are all going to give a gift that we either make ourselves, is handmade by someone else, or is purchased at a local independent shop. I think this is a good move, and I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

We are hoping that you decide to shop handmade this Christmas! There are SO many amazing and talented people out there who are making products, that in my opinion, are far better than any you could find at the big chain stores. And, giving a handmade gift seems much more personal, don’t you think?

We’ve met and become friends with so many people over the past couple of years who are making a living, just like us, by working really hard and using their creative talents to make beautiful things. I want to introduce you to some of them…



If you are looking for some eye-catching jewelry, check out Lily Dawson Designs. Our good friend Lily Dawson, who lives right here in our hometown of Columbia, is the creative force behind this company. She designs and makes everything you see in the shop, and we’re pretty proud of her!

We met Kate Thomas through the Renegade Craft Fair circuit. Her line of art prints, calendars, and cards sell under the name Little Things Studio. Kate is from Jackson, Mississippi, and is a true southern girl. My hope is that you get to meet her in person someday. Seriously. She is a ray of sunshine, and we LOVE her.

We are pretty big fans of Dolan Geiman, and we always look forward to catching up with him when we visit Chicago. Dolan makes everything from small 10 x 12 inch panel paintings to large mixed media constructions. He calls his style, contemporary art with a southern accent. Dolan, along with his wife and business partner Ali Marie, have been business mentors to us, and we’ve learned so much from them!

Beth Lawrence, aka “Freshie”, creates hammered metal jewelry under the name Freshie & Zero, which is based in Nashville, TN. Freshie and Beth became friends when Beth was living in Nashville, and we have continued to keep very much in touch with her and the goings on of her business. She makes some really beautiful pieces!



These people are all great friends of ours, and tons of fun to hang around with. Check out their shops, maybe go and buy something, and tell them that we sent you!

:: Carrie ::