A couple of weeks ago I finished up our new Take A Hike print, which is a little different from any other prints we have done so far. First of all, it has seven colors. That’s more than we’ve ever done on a single print before, and now that I’m done printing it I might tell you that seven is too many. That means each print went through the press seven different times. And I had to load the press with ink, and clean it up again seven different times. It was very time consuming. Also, the majority of the surface area of this print is covered with ink. Lots of solid areas of color, and not much white. I won’t go into the details, because it is hard to explain, but that makes for some difficult printing on the press that we have. Believe me.

In the end though, it turned out great! We’re really happy with it. It’s really fun for me to print new designs like this for the first time. Especially when I’ve had a vision in my head for what I wanted it to look like. Each time I add a new color to the print the picture in my head literally comes to life on the paper. Here is where the idea for this print began…

I snapped this photo back in September when I was in Oregon. Look at those colors! What you don’t know is that directly behind me when I took this photo is probably the most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen. Really. But, something about this view spoke to me too, and I took one quick photo, which turned out to be the basis for a new piece of artwork.

So, after lots of sketches, some time with Beth digitizing the drawings and separating everything into seven different layers, we sent our work off to the platemaker. After the paper was cut, the press set up, and the ink mixed, it was time to really get to work. Here is how the print evolved throughout the process…

The first color to go on was light blue.

Then came the light brown layer.

Dark brown was next.

The dark gray layer, for the ground.

Light green.

Dark green.

And, finally (finally!) light gray.

You guys, it’s a labor of love!  And, you can find it in our shop, right here.

:: Carrie ::