It’s mid January, which means we have packed up our big huge crate with everything that makes up our trade show booth. It’s shipping out to New York City this week for the January edition of the New York International Gift Fair, and we’ll be following behind in just a few days.

We did a little maintenance to the bottom of our crate, and added some reinforcements. There’s no telling exactly what that big box goes through from the time it leaves our barn to when we are reunited with it in NYC. Then, of course, it has to make the return trip back home. Lots of picking up and moving around by guys driving fork lifts (sometimes seemingly a little out of control) who might not be as gentle with it as we are. It’s usually a little worse for wear by the time it makes it all the way back to us.

And how did we load up that big box into the back of the freight truck? With a back-hoe, of course. I mean, if it’s available, we might as well use it. One of the benefits of running a small company right in the middle of a big farming operation is the use of heavy equipment.

A friend of ours commented that “it’s nice to have boys, tractors, and trucks to help with this stuff.” Absolutely. I couldn’t have said it any better.

A BIG thank you to my dad and my brother Mike for helping us out!

:: Carrie ::