I’m glad that these big trade shows take place in New York because it is such a fun place to visit! Unfortunately Karen wasn’t able to join us on this trip, because, well, she had a baby the day before we left. That’s right! It’s a boy, and he’s adorable. My first nephew. We are all excited about that, and Karen and the baby are both doing fantastic.

So, knowing that Karen would be out of commission, we recruited some help. A few extra hands to make things easier. This time our 1canoe2 crew included our good friend Lily, Beth, myself, and our employee Zach. An all-star team if I ever did see one. Yes, we spent a great deal of time working our tails off, but of course we also went out and enjoyed some things in the city!

We did a little bit of wandering through a couple of pretty great art museums. Zach and I made a quick visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art one morning during the week, and then we all took a trip to the Museum of Modern Art right after the show closed on Wednesday.

Such a great decision. We all loved it.

I don’t know how much you have studied art history, or if you are familiar with many of history’s greatest artists, but it is kind of a thrill to come face to face with a renowned piece of artwork.

Lily’s favorite is Mark Rothko and his large color fields.  I have to agree with her, they’re pretty great.

Andy Warhol liked to make portraits of famous people. Here’s Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong. I’m not so sure he and I would agree on a lot of issues, but Warhol definitely made a statement with this one. It’s iconic, and huge, and it’s also banned from art galleries in China. Hmmmm.

Zach came face to face with a giant Jackson Pollock painting, and was really happy about it. Pollock’s paintings may look like a mess, and well, they kind of are, but he was an interesting character. And, he started the whole Abstract Expressionist movement. A pioneer, definitely. You should get to know him.

And who could forget about that crazy, but very talented guy, Vincent Van Gogh?

I love seeing his work in person. So much texture. He literally spread the paint on his canvases – it’s so thick. And he wasn’t afraid of using bright colors.

You probably know this one, don’t you? Starry Night. There it is! Just hanging on the wall. You can literally walk right up to it. Just don’t try and touch it. They don’t like that.

Aside from visiting the museums we found some time to stop in a couple of stores that carry our products. It’s always fun to see our work on the shelves! We also did a little shopping, and we ate some fantastic dinners at some great restaurants. I think we all agreed that our favorite was Momofuku. So good.

If you ever go, just make sure to order the pork buns.

You’re welcome.

:: Carrie ::