You might say we have a certain fondness for Presidents. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s our elementary love of history, or maybe we just want everyone to know a little more about these famous founders. Carrie and I love to dig into a project and do a little research. From what we’ve read, they we quite the characters! For example, did you know that: Abe Lincoln stored documents in his hat.   Teddy Roosevelt lost his sight in one eye during a boxing match at the White House. Andrew Jackson was a famous dueler, and was the founder of the Democratic Party. Thomas Jefferson was the first president to shake hands instead of bowing. Cool, right? We thought so. For example, did you know….

…that Abe Lincoln stored documents in his “stovepipe” hat?

…or that Teddy Roosevelt lost vision in one eye while boxing at the White House?

…or that, before Thomas Jefferson, no one had been shaking hands? Everyone was bowing and kissing when they were greeting each other until ol’ Jeff showed them how to shake it. However you celebrate this Federal Holiday, take a moment to reflect on our Founding Fathers and take the time shake hands with a neighbor. ~Beth