It’s True/False weekend in Columbia, one of the best weekends of the year!

We are pretty proud of this big event that takes place in our little town, and proud of the people who put it together and make it happen. It’s amazing to see the amount of volunteers who put their time and effort into helping create an event that attracts people from all over the country. You won’t find a better documentary film festival anywhere! That’s the truth.

We were asked again this year to create a design to be used on t-shirts and other festival merchandise, which we were happy to do! If you are coming to the festival you can find our design, as well as many others, available at the box office.

The guys on the True/False team never disappoint in their ability to bring together a top-notch line-up. I’m looking forward to seeing some great films! I just heard that my favorite movie from last year’s festival, Undefeated, is now out on DVD. It follows an incredible high school football coach, Bill Courtney, through a season of ups and downs at an inner-city Memphis school. It will bring tears to your eyes, and, it won the Oscar! I’ve actually seen it twice, both times in packed out auditoriums, and at one of those showings Coach Courtney was in attendance and spoke after the film. He’s an amazing guy, and it’s an incredible story. Find it, and watch it.

:: Carrie ::