About a year ago we decided to expand our line to include some products with hand painted illustrations. It was a good move for us, because it has given us the opportunity to make so many different things that we would never be able to create through letterpress printing. Letterpress will always be a love of ours, and we will continue to do it, but it has its limitations – and that is part of it’s charm.

When we set out to find someone to produce our hand painted pieces we knew that we needed a local printer, because we wanted to support another local business, and also because we wanted to be close to where the production was taking place. We found just what we were looking for in a really great printing company just a 30 minute drive from where we live.

You should understand that most of what they print at this lovely family-owned shop are specialty magazines with titles like “Quarter Horse Monthly,” so some of the things that we have asked them to print are a little bit radical, and not what they are used to seeing. But they could not be doing a better job! We are so pleased, and they take great care of us. Maybe because they know they have to see our faces from time to time!

Probably the very best thing about using a local printer is the fact that we can go and visit. The folks are fantastic. Everyone there is so NICE! We are always greeted with a hello, and everyone thanks us for being their customer. We always feel welcome! Our go-to girl is Mary – she does SO much for us! She makes sure everything runs smoothly, and if there is a bump in the road anywhere along the way she is quick to smooth it over for us.

A few weeks before the stationery show we drove down to see a bunch of our new cards and calendars rolling off the press. It was so exciting for Beth and I, to see all of that hard work we put in become an actual physical, tangible item that we could hold in our hands. And it all looked so GOOD!

They are not messing around when it comes to the printing equipment. Here is the big off-set press that can spit out a fully printed piece before you can blink an eye.

It’s so much fun to see the entire process, and we are thankful that we can! We know that after we finish the design work and send the final files to the printer, that everyone from the pre-press people, to the press operators, and the guys and gals who do the finishing work are going to treat our treat our pieces with care. We are in good hands!

So, to everyone at our printer (we know some of you are reading!) THANK YOU!

We can’t wait to send you some more of our work!