Our state print collection is finally 50 states strong and DONE! Beth did such a wonderful job and had a lot of fun with the project. You can read all about it here, and even see the very first sketches here.

Now that it’s complete, we thought it’s only appropriate that we celebrate, so we’re kicking off a two-week-long Instagram contest! This is your chance to show off your state and win a print. We want to see the beauty that each state has to offer — every sunset, city, texture, landscape — even a video or two.

So here’s how it works: The contest will run from January 28-February 11. Each state has a template that you can print out. Just cut out the letters, take a picture through the cutout, then upload to Instagram and use your state’s custom hashtag — #1c2stateseries[xx]. For example, all the Missouri folks will use #1c2stateseriesMO while all the Californians will use #1c2stateseriesCA. Entries will be judged on composition and originality, so get creative! As long as the entire state abbreviation is in the picture/video, nothing is off limits!


The lucky winner will get her (or his) state’s print plus a 25% off discount code for her next 1canoe2 purchase. But here’s the really awesome part — the winner also wins 25% off for everyone who entered from the winning state! At the end of the contest, we’ll announce the winner on all of our social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you’re from the same state and submitted an entry, you’ll have 1 week to email with a link to your photo and we’ll email you back with your 25% off discount code!

Some of you are probably already planning multiple pictures, right? Well, using a cool new app called Momentage, you can upload as many as you want and have them all show up as one post! Upload pictures and videos, apply filters right from the app, or even record sound to a picture! It’s a really fun app to get to know, and it’ll help you avoid flooding your already beautiful Instagram page with multiple entries. (Entries will be accepted via Instagram and/or Momentage as long as the contest hashtag is used)

photo (@1canoe2 on Momentage)

So now it’s time to pull out the cameras — we can’t wait to see all the fun pictures!!