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Monthly Archives: February 2014

People Who Make the World Go Round {The Handyman}


Never take for granted a good handyman!

This month we are giving a big thank you to a couple of guys who have literally helped transform our business , our handymen, Steve and Brandon.  They make our world go round! Almost exactly a year ago we began the big project of renovating our barn and building a place that we could call our headquarters. It was no small task, and it took a lot of ingenuity, but Steve and Brandon were definitely up for the job, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! You can read about the whole project right here.

The guys just finished up little bit more work for us, installing more insulation and doing some finishing work in our storage room, so we really feel like the WHOLE project is finished. Today we all brought in a dish and we are having them over for a thank you lunch, which will also include a handwritten card from us, of course!

We hope you join us in thanking a handy-person that you know. Maybe your mechanic, your neighbor who always jumps in and lends a hand, or even that guy at Home Depot who always helps you find exactly what you need for all of those DIY home projects. You can download our handyman card right here. And, don’t forget to let us know about your handyman! You can tag any social media with #worldgoroundproject, or send us an email about it to

:: Carrie ::

1canoe2 on Ice!


A couple of weeks ago we all took an afternoon and shut down the office to get out and have a little fun! We all worked so hard during the holidays, and we are so thankful for our crew and the work that they do, and we decided  that some play time was in order. When the idea of an afternoon of ice skating was brought up, everyone was all for it, so we headed straight for the ice rink!


Look at the joy in those faces!!


And, Kate!!! What?! Spinning and jumping and making the rest of us look like such amateurs.


It’s official, we have Olympic fever – can’t wait to watch the competition in Sochi!


Before heading home we made the required stop at Central Dairy for some ice cream. THE best ice cream counter around. SO many flavors!


Ice skating, ice cream, and some quality time spent with some of the best people around! An afternoon well spent!

Here’s a little highlight reel. We all had a bunch of fun, even though some of us are much more graceful than others…

:: Carrie ::