Last August, I took a two week trip to the Azores Islands in Portugal. 1canoe2 had just moved into the new studio so, naturally, I wanted to bring back something special to hang at the barn. Giving Beth and Carrie their gift introduced them to a fun little fact about myself — I am strangely brilliant at finding four-leaf clovers!

Good Luck from Portugal{Good Luck from the Azores, Portugal}

I’ve been finding four-leaf clovers for as long as I can remember. As a little girl, I would spend hours..literally, hours..sitting in the side yard listening to the Beach Boys and picking four-leaf clovers. It absolutely wowed my mom. Even to this day it never fails to impress anyone who is around. I’m usually just casually walking along, barely looking at the ground, when a four-leaf clover will pop out and catch my eye. I’m not quite sure how to explain it, but that extra leaf is all the detail I need for it to stand out amongst the rest.


I dry them in anything I can get my hands onto to keep them safe — in the pages of sketchbooks, my car manual, in between credit cards in my wallet, anything.

Pressed Clovers

I never really thought that my quirky ability to find four-leaf clovers amounted to much, but it’s been amazing to see the joy it’s brought to others over the years.

My favorite story is about my dad. A couple years ago, my dad was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Thankfully, they caught it early, but he had to have surgery to remove one of his kidneys. A day or so before his surgery, he called with a story he said he just needed to tell me. He had been up at our family farm getting a few last things in order before his operation. He admitted that was feeling pretty nervous about the whole thing that day. We all were! So right before he left, as he was worrying about his cancer, he went to total up the time for some of his workers. He picked up the little blue time book…and four-leaf clovers showered the table. I had worked at our farm that summer and dried dozens and dozens of clovers! Seeing those four-leaf clovers pour so unexpectedly out of that book calmed my dad. He said he took it as a sign that everything was going to be okay, and was so thankful that he ran across them that day. And so am I…he’s now cancer-free!



So keep your eyes open today — you just never know where you’ll find a little luck! Have a wonderful and safe St. Patrick’s Day!!

:: Haley ::