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Monthly Archives: April 2014

New Things in Progress


Happy Monday!

We have been busy, busy, busy wrapping up a whole bunch of new products the past couple of weeks in preparation for the National Stationery Show, and our spring release!  It’s always a long process from generating ideas and sketches, to having everything in our hands. We are really excited about everything we have on the way, but until we can show it to you, here are a few process photos to give you a little sneak preview!










:: Carrie ::

People Who Make the World Go Round {The Tax Expert}


Happy Tax Day!

It’s April 15th, and hopefully your taxes are all done, paid, and in the mail. If you are anything like me, you have a trusted someone who helps sort everything out, fills out all the forms, and explains all of the hard to understand things that come with making sure you give the government their share.

In recent years that has all become MUCH more complicated for us as small business owners. Luckily we have Wade. Wade is our accountant. He’s the guy with the brain that knows everything that we don’t, and helps us tackle our taxes. We appreciate him more that he probably knows, so we wanted to make sure to tell him! We dropped off this card to him today along with a little surprise, that hopefully he can enjoy now that his busy time of year is over.

We are hoping that you take a little minute this month to let your tax expert know how much you appreciate them! Maybe you use an accountant. Maybe your dad, or your older brother, or your spouse, takes on the task of helping you complete your taxes. Or, MAYBE you do your taxes yourself. If that’s the case, way to go! Great job. You should just go ahead and treat yourself today.

You can click right here for a free printable of the Tax Expert card. Go give it to your tax day hero and tell them how wonderful they are! (Don’t forget to tag any social media with #WorldGoRoundProject and let us know how you used it!)

:: Carrie ::

{tutorial} Painting Blown-out Eggs

It’s that time of year — Easter eggs!! I was shocked last week to find that some of the folks here at the barn had never painted blown-out eggs, something my family has been doing for as long as I can remember. It’s one of my favorite family traditions. Every year my mom pulls out a beautiful glass bowl full of the eggs we’ve painted over the years. It’s so fun to see the watercolor eggs from when I was just a toddler compared to my intricate paintings today.


To see just how much fun this could be, the 1canoe2 crew took an afternoon off to paint some Easter eggs of our own. We had a wonderful time, and so can you! Everything you need to know is outlined below..happy painting!


Here’s what you need:

> Eggs

> Paint (We used acrylic, but you can also use watercolor for less detailed designs)

> Paint brushes

> Bowl

> Pins

> Newspaper (or anything to protect your table from paint!)

First, use a pin to poke out a decent sized hole in each end of your egg. The easiest way I’ve found to do this is to poke several pin-sized holes fairly close together, and then poke out the areas in between to connect all the small holes into one bigger one. Try to keep the edges as clean as possible so the egg doesn’t crack down the sides. If it does, there’s a good chance the shell will crack apart as you try to blow out the center.



Above is a picture of roughly how large the holes should be. If you’re not quite sure, start small. You can always go back and make it bigger if you need to!

After you’ve made a hole in each end of your egg, it’s time to get your bowl and blow out the middle. Warning :: the sound effects aren’t pretty!


If you’re having a hard time blowing out the center of the egg, go back and make your holes a little bigger and try again. You’ll know you’re done when all that you hear coming out of the egg is air. When that’re ready for the fun part. Painting!




Tip :: Q-tips are super handy to have around! If you pull off the puffy ends, you can stick the Q-tip through the holes in the egg (above) so you can paint the entire thing and keep your fingers clean. You can also keep the puffy end on (below) and use it to make perfect little dots!



Voila! You have beautiful eggs to keep for years to come. If you already know you’ll be doing this again and again, try keeping an egg from each year, like my family does! It is such an amazing thing to look back and be able to see the progression of your style and creative ability.

Hopefully this project marks the beginning of a new tradition for us here at the barn…and for you at home! Happy Easter, everyone.

:: Haley ::


Sorry things have gotten a little bit slow here on the blog. It is definitely not a sign that there is nothing going on! The truth is that I’ve been so busy working and painting and making new things that I haven’t had much of a chance to think about blogging. We are gearing up for the National Stationery Show which we’ll be attending in May, and now is crunch time. Here are a few photos of some work in progress, which you can look forward to seeing more of in the future!

photo 2

photo 1

photo 3

photo 4


:: Carrie ::