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Can you believe it’s almost August? The summer is just flying by! With everyone off enjoying what’s left of summer, it’s been a quiet week in the office.†Carrie is currently spending a couple weeks camping and exploring in Alaska, and Beth is anxiously awaiting a vacation to Mt. Desert Island in Maine. As for me, I’ll be spending the weekend relaxing by the lake, feet up with book in my hand. It’s times like these that I am so thankful for my sitter!

Two of my wonderful friends will be watching my dog, Ellie, while I’m away. Laurin and Ryan have always been nothing but happy to have Ellie, and I’m positive she feels the same way! My phone is constantly blowing up with adorable pictures of Ellie having so much fun with Laurin and Ryan. Thank you, both!

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We’re dedicating this month’s card to all of those people who help out while we’re away. Maybe it’s your child’s favorite babysitter, or the house sitter who is always willing to water your plants. Or maybe, like me, it’s the friends who are happy to watch your rambunctious pet.†I’m sure you have a person like this in your life, and we hope you take a little time out to let them know how much their help means to you!

You can download and print our†free fill-in-the-blank sitter card right here, and†donít forget to let us know about your favorite sitters! We love seeing pictures of our cards bringing happiness to a day. You can tag any social media with #worldgoroundproject, or send us an email about it to

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