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Monthly Archives: August 2014

People Who Make the World Go Round {The Waiter/Waitress}


To all of the waitresses, waiters, servers, baristas, and bartenders of the world: THANK YOU!

I never worked in the food service industry, but I know many who have. I also know that those who do are often under-appreciated. We all know its true that a great server/bartender/barista makes a meal 100% more enjoyable. It’s time to start recognizing them!

Last week we had the chance to eat at some amazing restaurants in New York City. Wow, there is so much food to eat in New York. So much good food. We hit up some of our favorite spots, and we tried some new ones as well. I can honestly say that we had excellent service everywhere. And, we took note! We left some ‘thank yous’ with our bill (and tip!) as a token of our appreciation. Because, isn’t it the best feeling to get noticed doing an excellent job? You bet it is.

Do you have a local hangout? Maybe a favorite barista who makes your coffee with a smile every morning? Maybe a waitress at the diner around the corner who knows you by name? Let them know that they are doing a fantastic job, and maybe slip them something a little extra next time.

You can click right here for a free printable of our Waiter/Waitress Thank You card. Go give it to someone who serves you with a smile! They deserve it.

(Donít forget to tag any social media with #WorldGoRoundProject and let us know how you used it!)

:: Carrie ::

Texas Troublemakin’

Earlier this summer, Beth, Haley and I made a trip to Dallas for a couple of meetings. It was a really quick trip, mostly business…except for one very unbusiness-like thing. Before we left the city we unexpectedly found ourselves standing in front of a giant wall with several cans of spray paint in hand.


While we were in Dallas we learned that there is a huge wall where graffiti is allowed, and even encouraged, and it is open to anyone who wants to display their talents. We had just a LITTLE bit of time to kill, and we were sold. †I’ve actually always wanted to spray paint something huge on a wall somewhere, so this was like a dream come true for me. We hit up the hardware store and loaded up on some colorful cans of paint.


It didn’t take us long to decide what to put on the wall…we settled on one of our most loved card designs!




We obviously need to practice our street art technique. There was some really amazing work from other artists, and it felt a little strange painting over it, but that’s how it all works.






And…all done! It was a little bit of a thrill for us to get to do this. We felt like rebels.†And, I will admit, just this little taste of the graffiti world makes me want to do it again.

*** If you are in Dallas you should check this out! It’s called the Fabrication Yard, and it’s located at 621 Fabrication Street. I’ve read that there are plans to open up other locations around the city. It’s pretty great that the city of Dallas would recognize graffiti and street art as an actual art form, and that they offer those artists a place to display their work.

:: Carrie ::