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Paper Boxes from your 2014 Calendar

Wondering what else you can do with last year’s XL wall calendar? You can make some seriously simple paper boxes, OR you can make a milk carton. Which is not as simple, but is so cute and fun, and actually not that hard.

Here’s what you do:

Draw out the template. If you want the sides to be 1 inch, draw an extra inch all the way around.

AmeliaBox3 AmeliaBox2

Cut out the box. You can get fancy with the outer edges which will become the top sides of the box. The cutting is something that a kiddo could do if you want them to join in the fun.


Tape the corners of the box with a pretty piece of matching washi tape. 


Voile! You’re done! You just made a cute little tray that can be used for all your little trinkets. If you measure carefully and make a plan, you could make several that all fit together for the inside of a drawer to organize little bits of precious things.


Now, for the slightly more advanced version: a Milk Carton.

First, cut out the template pattern (print from here). Just make it sized to fit the paper you want. I have a 13×19 Epson printer, so I printed this as big as I could on that. You can also take it to you local copy shop and have them blow it up, or just make a sweet little tiny version on 8.5×11 paper.

Next, cut out your paper from the template. To keep track of the scoring lines for the next step, I cut tiny little slits in the template so I’d have something to line up my ruler.


Score all of the dotted lines by running the BACK side of your exacto blade along the edge to be folded. That way you won’t run the risk of cutting clear through.


Then pre-fold all of the pieces before you glue, so you won’t be wrestling that pesky top gable fold while you have glue on your fingers.  Milk-Carton-1canoe2-side

The best glue to use is probably a glue stick, but mine were all dried up, so I had to use elmers. Just run the glue where the dotted lines are and hold in place for a few seconds.

Now you can use your milk carton for party favors, or just decoration. Personally, I’d load it up with malted milk balls, but that’s just me.



Milk Carton Pattern Thumbnail









What to do with last year’s XL calendar?


So it’s 2015 and hopefully, you’ve already got your refill for our XL calendar hanger. Now what should you do with all of the pages from 2014?  We print our calendars on super heavy luxury paper. It’s study and cuts like a dream, so it’s perfect for crafty projects.

Like I do every new year, I woke up this first day of 2015 with a mighty craving for cute organizing tools. No better way to start the new year than with a fresh and tidy desk, right? Right.  This will last approximately 15 seconds into my first day back at the office, but a girl can dream.

These pages are so big  (20×30 inches) that really the up-cycling and crafting opportunities are boundless! But I thought it might be fun to make new file folders for my “new” desk.

It’s so easy, that if you have the supplies on hand, it literally takes about 2 minutes to crank out your first folder. And you could make 12 or 13 folders out of the whole calendar if you want to.


  • 2014 XL calendar pages
  • Xacto knife, or sharp scissors
  • Old standard file folder
  • Pen or pencil to trace



1) Unfold and trace the old folder on top of one of the calendar pages.

2) Cut out the folder with an Xacto blade or scissors


3) Fold the old file folder in half, and using the Xacto, lighly score the newly cut sheet in the middle so it will fold nicely.

4) Fold.



5) Make millions more! You will miraculously become organized for the whole rest of the year.

Happy 2015!!!

Happy Presidents’ Day!

You might say we have a certain fondness for Presidents. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s our elementary love of history, or maybe we just want everyone to know a little more about these famous founders. Carrie and I love to dig into a project and do a little research. From what we’ve read, they we quite the characters! For example, did you know that: Abe Lincoln stored documents in his hat.   Teddy Roosevelt lost his sight in one eye during a boxing match at the White House. Andrew Jackson was a famous dueler, and was the founder of the Democratic Party. Thomas Jefferson was the first president to shake hands instead of bowing. Cool, right? We thought so. For example, did you know….

…that Abe Lincoln stored documents in his “stovepipe” hat?

…or that Teddy Roosevelt lost vision in one eye while boxing at the White House?

…or that, before Thomas Jefferson, no one had been shaking hands? Everyone was bowing and kissing when they were greeting each other until ol’ Jeff showed them how to shake it. However you celebrate this Federal Holiday, take a moment to reflect on our Founding Fathers and take the time shake hands with a neighbor. ~Beth

Take Note!

Last Friday we FINALLY received a huge shipment of new 1canoe2 goodies! There were several misadventures with this shipment, but all 2400 kilos of notepads were rolled/pushed/pulled up our driveway last week. ( I shudder to think what my neighbors thought about an 18-wheeler being parked in the street)20121023-101354.jpg

Welcome to the Let’s Eat, This Week, Acorn, Barn, and Hello! notepads!  Carrie painted all of these designs which we had made into lovely little notebooks bound with a very posh linen tape at the top.

Plan your weekly menu and grocery list:


And finally: our exclusive Anthropologie notepads! We worked together with some fabulous gals at Anthro and we’re in the process of delivering pallets of them to be sold online (soon) and at their stores.

We have so  many new projects in the works right now! New recipe cards are coming soon. Get excited!


It takes a village

We live in, and are warmly supported by, a close-knit rural community. It’s the kind of place where people work hard and help their neighbors. Earlier this fall, our dear friend Amy asked us all to come to a barn-raising of sorts. She and her husband are building a blueberry farm, and it’s a huge undertaking.

They gathered friends and family and neighbors to help put their 800 new “babies” in the ground.

On days like these, we are all thankful that we work on our own time schedule so that we can help a friend in need. It was fun, too!


There’s nothing like a hard day’s labor rewarded by a shared meal under a shade tree. Am I right?

We can’t wait to come pick berries and see the (literal) fruits of our labor in a year or two at the future Danamay Farms!


1canoe…4? Welcome, Zach!

It’s been a long time coming. First we brought Karen onboard to help with wholesale accounts and the mountain of communication that flows our way. Then Carrie quit her full time job a year ago in June, then this past May, I finally cut my cord to a steady paycheck. And still, we needed more help. So we hired our first employee! May he be the first of many!

Meet Zach. He’s hilarious, organized, and he came to his interview dressed to match Carrie. What more could you ask for? He also has a ton of small business and social media marketing experience. Most of all, we think he will fill in the little (or big) holes where Karen, Carrie and I are lacking. Can you Twitter? Cause Carrie and I don’t even remember our password.

Check out Zach’s Panera member’s card on his keychain.

He’s going to be in charge of logistics, wholesale orders, organizing the whole business, and making us laugh. It’s a tall order, but he’s just the guy for the job. Oh, yeah, and he’ll probably be upping our social media interactions. Well, he better be, cause that’s why we hired him.



Welcome to our NEW blog!

Well hello there!

You might notice that things look a little different around here. Welcome to our new blog! We’re glad you found it!

Our new website has been in progress for the last couple of months, and we’re pretty excited that it’s finally done and we can share it with you!  A big huge thank you and a double high five goes out to our friends at Aeolidia who worked their tails off to help us with the new site. When I say they helped us, really what I mean is we kind of had a vision in mind, we told them about it, and they made it happen.  Well done guys, we are thrilled!

We love sharing what is going on at 1canoe2 and in our little lives here on the blog, but we want to get to know our readers as well.  So, if you’re out there reading, first of all, thanks!  Second of all, if you see something that you like or if you have anything to add please leave us a comment!  We look forward to meeting you!

Carrie, Beth and Karen