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Things We Love

A New Favorite Thing

I’ve got a new favorite thing. It’s called Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bleed Proof White.

I can be kind of a snob about the art supplies I use. High quality materials are the only way to go, and this stuff has definitely made the cut. Not only has it made the cut, but it has soared to the top of the list, and it has revolutionized the way that I’ve been working lately. But, apparently I haven’t been using it the way that it is intended to be used. Here is how it’s described…

“Cover mistakes using Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bleed Proof White. It is an opaque watercolor that covers dye colors, markers and designer colors such as gouache. It is not intended for mixing.”

Well, that’s not true! I’ve been mixing it with my gouache and watercolors and it has done amazing things! It makes the paint more opaque. In other words, it makes it non-translucent, so I can paint multiple layers. I know some people who use it as as ink for calligraphy. It can be watered down and tinted to any color, and writes beautifully on dark paper.

It’s good stuff. Real good. My only complaint is that it comes in tiny little 1 ounce jars.

:: Carrie ::

1canoe2 in the wild…

Over the past year or so we have been working really hard to grow the wholesale side of our business – that means getting our stuff into stores all over the place so that it can be discovered by people like you! Lots of packages and boxes have been leaving our doorstep with destinations like Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Or Bellingham, Washington. Berkely, California and Asbury Park, New Jersey. It sure is exciting to think about how far and wide we are reaching, but the best part is when someone we know stumbles upon something of ours in a place where they least expect it. That’s when we get an excited text message that says something like…”You are famous!!! Look what I found!!!”  This is usually accompanied by an awesome cell phone photo. We love it.

Here are some of our recent favorites…

Keep them coming!

If you happen to stumble across something of ours in a store in your hometown, or when you are traveling the world, snap a photo and send it our way.  We’d love to see it! You can send them to

:: Carrie ::


Football Saturday

Football season is here! Although it doesn’t feel like fall yet, it’s a guarantee that when the pigskin starts flying the weather is about to start cooling down. After this summer we are all ready for that.

Last night it was finally time to head over to Faurot Field to watch our Mizzou Tigers take on Southeastern Louisiana in our first game of the season. Karen, Beth and I are all alumni of the University of Missouri (and proud of it!) and I love the fact that we still live close and can cheer on our Tigers from the stadium seats. There’s nothing like being part of that big sea of black and gold! It ended up raining for most of the game, but no one seemed to care. We came away with a 62-10 win, and our boys looked good!

There are big changes going on around here. BIG changes. It’s our inaugural season in the Southeastern Conference, and you know those SEC schools take their football seriously. The schedule this year looks so strange. No more Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas and Kansas. (It’s kind of sad, really) Instead, we’re about to welcome Georgia, Vanderbilt, Kentucky and Alabama to town. Alabama!? Holy cow. We better be ready for that one. Make sure those helmets are fastened on extra tight!

Next Saturday the Georgia Bulldogs make their way to Columbia for our first SEC game ever. It’s going to be a big day, and apparently, our defensive tackle, Sheldon Richardson, isn’t scared.

So, here’s to a good season! Yeah, it may be an adjustment year. I think we (players and fans) have a little bit of learning to do about what it means to be a part of the SEC. I’ve heard it described as the biggest and most powerful conference that ever existed.

Oh boy. It’s time to up our game.

:: Carrie ::


Olympic Fever

The Olympics are here!  I hope you are catching as much of it as you can – we only get this once every four years, you know.  You’ve got to love all of the stories and the drama that come with the games.  Swimming, gymnastics, basketball, kayaking, table tennis, archery.  There’s just so much to see.

We’re really looking forward to the men’s shot put competition. Yeah, the shot put.

Our very own mid-Missouri boy, Christian Cantwell, will be throwing the shot for the United States this Friday.  Cantwell lives and trains right here in Columbia.  He brought home the silver from Beijing, he’s a favorite to win the gold in London, and he’s an all around nice guy.  Can you imagine throwing a 16 lb. metal ball farther than 70 feet?  Nope, me either.

Here’s a few other links to fuel your Olympic Fever…

Olympics, by East End Prints

Kim Rhode just won her 5th gold medal.  That’s five gold medals in five consecutive Olympic games!

Watch Kevin Mansker, of USA Cycling hit 257rpm.

Six lost Olympic sports.

Apparently Michael Phelps has been working on his English language skills. Just kidding.



Hatfields & McCoys

It’s true that we’ve kind of got a thing for historical figures. We’ve paid honor to the 44 presidents of our great country, and we are fascinated by those characters known as outlaws of the wild west.

Well, add some more to the list. The Hatfields and the McCoys. The famous feuding families separated by the border of Kentucky and West Virginia. What a story.

If you haven’t heard, the History Channel is airing a three part series right now, called Hatfields & McCoys. Kevin Costner plays Devil Anse Hatfield – head of the Hatfield clan, and Bill Paxton is Ol’ Ranl’ McCoy, patriarch of the McCoy family. Probably not suitable for children, they sure were a violent bunch, but definitely worth watching.

So, set your DVRs, and catch it while you can.


Things We Love :: Instagram


Say hello to our latest obsession…Instagram.

Beth and I both became iPhone converts within the last year and have fallen in love with snapping photos of all kinds of things.  Those iPhone cameras really take great pictures!    For those of you who don’t live in the iPhone world, Instagram is a photo sharing app, where you can take a photo, edit it, and share it with friends.  Yeah, it’s one of those social networking things, but it’s so fun!  We’ve found that as a business tool we’re able to share with our customers and retail shops little details of things going on in the 1canoe2 world.  And, it makes our photos so PRETTY.  We like that.  You can find Beth’s instagram feed at @1canoe2beth, and Carrie is @1canoe2letterpress.  Follow us!

Here is a little sample of some of our favorites…

:: Carrie ::


Things We Love :: Homecoming at Mizzou

This past weekend was a big one here in Columbia.  It was homecoming weekend at Ol’ Mizzou!

We take homecoming VERY seriously around here.  We have to, because we invented it.  That’s the truth.  Way back in 1911, Chester Brewer invited all the Mizzou alumni to “come home” for the football game between the Tigers and the dreaded KU Jayhawks.  The alumni came home, they cheered the Tigers on to victory, and homecoming was born.

This year marked our 100th homecoming!  Wow.

Beth, Karen and I all are proud to call ourselves alumni of the University of Missouri.  I’ll speak for us all when I say that it’s fun to live here and be able to take part in all of the traditions that surround the campus and the city.  Especially at homecoming.

Some of our best friends made it home for the weekend!  The weather was beautiful.  We watched the parade wind it’s way through downtown Columbia.  We chowed down on the world’s best pizza at Shakespeare’s.  And, of course, we went to the game, sat on the hill, and cheered on our Tigers as they beat the Iowa State Cyclones!



In my opinion, one of our best homecoming traditions is the parade.  If you don’t feel a little swell of pride in your heart when Marching Mizzou makes its way down Ninth Street playing Tiger Fight Song, then you aren’t a true Tiger.  Just watch…


:: Carrie ::