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New Hand Painted Globes!


Oh boy. You guys, we have some really exciting news, so listen up!

During the past couple of weeks I have been working on something we think you might be interested in! We very rarely do any custom work, or offer one-of-a-kind pieces, so it’s always really exciting for us when we can do a project like this. We have three new, one of a kind, hand painted globes, and one of them could be yours! It’s going to be hard for us to part with them, they look SO good in our studio, but don’t worry everyone is going to have a chance at scooping up one of these beauties!

How can you take one of these home? Well, here are the details, so pay attention!

Over the course of the next three weeks we will be auctioning the globes on Ebay. We will provide the link to the auction on our social media accounts the day each auction starts.Globes-2015-SmallFloral

The first to go up for auction will be this 8 inch in diameter floral globe.
The auction will begin onMonday, Oct 12 9am CT, and you will have until ThursdayOct 15 at 9am CT to place your bids.
Thesecond auction will be for the Map globe, which is 12 inches in diameter.
This auction will begin onMonday, Oct 19 at 9am CT, and you will be able to place your bids until Thursday, Oct 22 at 9am CT.
The third and final globe will be this colorful floral painted globe, which is 12 inches in diameter.
This last auction will begin onMonday, Oct 26 at 9am CT, and you can place bids until Thursday, Oct 29 at 9am CT.
We will be releasing more details, including a link to the auction site, in the days and weeks to come via our social media outlets. So make sure you stay connected to our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and our newsletter so you don’t miss out! GOOD LUCK!
:: Carrie ::

1canoe2 for Nepal


Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by the earthquake in Nepal. A recent article published by BBC News stated that the death toll has risen to 4,310, with almost 8,000 injured and another 1.4 million requiring food aid.


1canoe2 is founded on the appreciation and love of community. This is something that we feel very passionately about, so it’s heartbreaking to see so many communities broken apart by this devastating natural disaster in Nepal.

We’d like your help in our efforts to try to bring some relief to those affected. Even if it’s just a small portion in comparison to what is needed, we feel like every donation makes a difference.  Until May 30th, 100% of the proceeds from our “You Mean the World To Me” card will be donated to relief efforts specifically allocated to Nepal. 

This card is great for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, and you’ll be donating to an amazing cause in the process. If you’d like to make a bigger donation, consider buying multiple cards to have on hand for birthdays or anniversaries!


All donations will be given to Direct Relief. Direct Relief is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that provides medical assistance to people around the world who have been affected by poverty, natural disasters, and civil unrest. They have set up a program specifically to help those in Nepal (which is the program that we will be working with) and you can read about it right here.

Thank you (thank you!!!) to everyone who helps out. Together we can help bring relief to those struggling in Nepal.

:: The 1canoe2 Crew ::

{1canoe2 + Produce Candles} Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Mothers day giveaway (7 of 7)

We’re at it again! Once again we’re teaming up with our good pals over at Produce Candles – this time to give away some free goodies for Mother’s Day! The giveaway will be hosted on Instagram and it’s super easy to enter. Here are the details:

// Giveaway starts Thursday, April 30 and the last day to enter is Tuesday, May 5th (end of day)

// Produce Candles (@producecandles) and 1canoe2 (@1canoe2) will each post a photo about the giveaway on their Instagram accounts. To enter, simply tag a friend in the comments section on either post..and that’s it! You’re entered!

// We will randomly select and announce our winner on Wednesday, May 6th — keep your eyes on our social media!

// The lucky winner will receive a 1canoe2 tote bag filled with goodies for your mama (or, hey, if you’re a hard-working mom..keep it for yourself!)

Giveaway starts THIS Thursday..good luck!!





Dipped Strawberries


If you’re looking for a last minute (but super easy) Easter treat..these dipped strawberries are delicious!! We picked the recipe out of one of our all-time favorite cookbooks, Forest Feast. Not only does it have truly wonderful recipes, but this book is absolutely gorgeous. Honestly, you guys. Watercolor illustrations, hand-lettering, beautiful’s just great.


Whitney and I thought this recipe sounded great, but it was only having three ingredients that really sold us. All you need are strawberries, brown sugar, and greek yogurt!


The cookbook says to dip your strawberries in the yogurt, but we found it easier to spread the yogurt on with a spoon. All you do is spread some greek yogurt on the end of the strawberry, and then sprinkle with brown sugar. That’s it. One thing to keep in mind if you’re making this for company: it’s not a great make-ahead dessert. The brown sugar “melts” very quickly once it touches the wet yogurt. It’s still just as delicious, they’re just not as aesthetically pleasing.


Let us know how you like them! If you’re interested in purchasing the cookbook, it’s available on our Favorite Things page. Happy Easter from the entire 1canoe2 crew!




{1canoe2 + Produce Candles} Easter Giveaway!


Easter is on the horizon! Last year, everyone here at the barn spent a fun afternoon painting eggs. It’s an Easter tradition that we all adore..and it’s so great to keep the eggs for years and years. 



Fun traditions like this were on our minds this year when we joined up with Produce Candles to bring you an Easter giveaway! I’ll explain the giveaway details just a little further down; first I’d like to talk about the wonderfulness that is Produce Candles. You may recognize the name from our website — we include four of our favorite candles in the Favorite Things collection.

Produce Candles is an adorable candle line based out of Charleston, SC whose entire collection is inspired by the harvest. Sweet, earthy, spicy, crisp — each element is represented and goodness do they smell delicious! They recently released some new spring and summer inspired scents like Mint, Peach and Rhubarb on their website, but my favorite so far is still the Carrot candle. It’s just so perfect for spring, and with Easter right around the corner, it was a no brainer to include in the giveaway.


Starting this Thursday {March 26} you’ll have a chance to win a gift basket filled with spring goodies like this candle. To be entered, all you have to do is go to the Produce Candle Facebook page and comment on the giveaway post with your favorite Easter tradition. That’s it! We’ll have a link on the 1canoe2 Facebook page, also, that will lead you straight where you need to go. The last day to enter is Monday, March 30 and then we’ll randomly select a lucky winner.

Bummed because you don’t have Facebook? Don’t be! You can email your name and favorite Easter tradition to to be manually entered.




So keep your eyes on our Facebook pages — and good luck!

:: Haley ::


Paper Boxes from your 2014 Calendar

Wondering what else you can do with last year’s XL wall calendar? You can make some seriously simple paper boxes, OR you can make a milk carton. Which is not as simple, but is so cute and fun, and actually not that hard.

Here’s what you do:

Draw out the template. If you want the sides to be 1 inch, draw an extra inch all the way around.

AmeliaBox3 AmeliaBox2

Cut out the box. You can get fancy with the outer edges which will become the top sides of the box. The cutting is something that a kiddo could do if you want them to join in the fun.


Tape the corners of the box with a pretty piece of matching washi tape. 


Voile! You’re done! You just made a cute little tray that can be used for all your little trinkets. If you measure carefully and make a plan, you could make several that all fit together for the inside of a drawer to organize little bits of precious things.


Now, for the slightly more advanced version: a Milk Carton.

First, cut out the template pattern (print from here). Just make it sized to fit the paper you want. I have a 13×19 Epson printer, so I printed this as big as I could on that. You can also take it to you local copy shop and have them blow it up, or just make a sweet little tiny version on 8.5×11 paper.

Next, cut out your paper from the template. To keep track of the scoring lines for the next step, I cut tiny little slits in the template so I’d have something to line up my ruler.


Score all of the dotted lines by running the BACK side of your exacto blade along the edge to be folded. That way you won’t run the risk of cutting clear through.


Then pre-fold all of the pieces before you glue, so you won’t be wrestling that pesky top gable fold while you have glue on your fingers.  Milk-Carton-1canoe2-side

The best glue to use is probably a glue stick, but mine were all dried up, so I had to use elmers. Just run the glue where the dotted lines are and hold in place for a few seconds.

Now you can use your milk carton for party favors, or just decoration. Personally, I’d load it up with malted milk balls, but that’s just me.



Milk Carton Pattern Thumbnail









What to do with last year’s XL calendar?


So it’s 2015 and hopefully, you’ve already got your refill for our XL calendar hanger. Now what should you do with all of the pages from 2014?  We print our calendars on super heavy luxury paper. It’s study and cuts like a dream, so it’s perfect for crafty projects.

Like I do every new year, I woke up this first day of 2015 with a mighty craving for cute organizing tools. No better way to start the new year than with a fresh and tidy desk, right? Right.  This will last approximately 15 seconds into my first day back at the office, but a girl can dream.

These pages are so big  (20×30 inches) that really the up-cycling and crafting opportunities are boundless! But I thought it might be fun to make new file folders for my “new” desk.

It’s so easy, that if you have the supplies on hand, it literally takes about 2 minutes to crank out your first folder. And you could make 12 or 13 folders out of the whole calendar if you want to.


  • 2014 XL calendar pages
  • Xacto knife, or sharp scissors
  • Old standard file folder
  • Pen or pencil to trace



1) Unfold and trace the old folder on top of one of the calendar pages.

2) Cut out the folder with an Xacto blade or scissors


3) Fold the old file folder in half, and using the Xacto, lighly score the newly cut sheet in the middle so it will fold nicely.

4) Fold.



5) Make millions more! You will miraculously become organized for the whole rest of the year.

Happy 2015!!!

Texas Troublemakin’

Earlier this summer, Beth, Haley and I made a trip to Dallas for a couple of meetings. It was a really quick trip, mostly business…except for one very unbusiness-like thing. Before we left the city we unexpectedly found ourselves standing in front of a giant wall with several cans of spray paint in hand.


While we were in Dallas we learned that there is a huge wall where graffiti is allowed, and even encouraged, and it is open to anyone who wants to display their talents. We had just a LITTLE bit of time to kill, and we were sold.  I’ve actually always wanted to spray paint something huge on a wall somewhere, so this was like a dream come true for me. We hit up the hardware store and loaded up on some colorful cans of paint.


It didn’t take us long to decide what to put on the wall…we settled on one of our most loved card designs!




We obviously need to practice our street art technique. There was some really amazing work from other artists, and it felt a little strange painting over it, but that’s how it all works.






And…all done! It was a little bit of a thrill for us to get to do this. We felt like rebels. And, I will admit, just this little taste of the graffiti world makes me want to do it again.

*** If you are in Dallas you should check this out! It’s called the Fabrication Yard, and it’s located at 621 Fabrication Street. I’ve read that there are plans to open up other locations around the city. It’s pretty great that the city of Dallas would recognize graffiti and street art as an actual art form, and that they offer those artists a place to display their work.

:: Carrie ::

People Who Make the World Go Round {The Sitter}

photo 2

Can you believe it’s almost August? The summer is just flying by! With everyone off enjoying what’s left of summer, it’s been a quiet week in the office. Carrie is currently spending a couple weeks camping and exploring in Alaska, and Beth is anxiously awaiting a vacation to Mt. Desert Island in Maine. As for me, I’ll be spending the weekend relaxing by the lake, feet up with book in my hand. It’s times like these that I am so thankful for my sitter!

Two of my wonderful friends will be watching my dog, Ellie, while I’m away. Laurin and Ryan have always been nothing but happy to have Ellie, and I’m positive she feels the same way! My phone is constantly blowing up with adorable pictures of Ellie having so much fun with Laurin and Ryan. Thank you, both!

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 12.23.13 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 12.22.14 PM

We’re dedicating this month’s card to all of those people who help out while we’re away. Maybe it’s your child’s favorite babysitter, or the house sitter who is always willing to water your plants. Or maybe, like me, it’s the friends who are happy to watch your rambunctious pet. I’m sure you have a person like this in your life, and we hope you take a little time out to let them know how much their help means to you!

You can download and print our free fill-in-the-blank sitter card right here, and don’t forget to let us know about your favorite sitters! We love seeing pictures of our cards bringing happiness to a day. You can tag any social media with #worldgoroundproject, or send us an email about it to

:: haley ::

★ Loyal and True ★

military cards

There is no one more loyal and true than a person who is dedicated to serving our country!

Earlier this year we released a series of three cards that honor those men and women who serve (or have served) in our military. We wanted to provide a way for you to say thank you, and to keep in touch with those who are serving far away. There is absolutely nothing sweeter, nothing better to raise the spirits, than a letter from home!

There are many reasons why I wanted to create these cards, but there is one story that has always fascinated me, and was the true driving force behind this series.  It happened early in my grandparents lives, during World War II.


My Grandma grew up in a really tight-knit rural community, called Hatton, Missouri.  It’s the same community where my family still lives. It’s a community of farm families with strong work ethics. It’s the kind of place where everyone knows everyone, and neighbors will do anything to help one another out. As in many communities like this one, when World War II broke out, all of the young men enlisted and went off to fight the war, and everyone at home banded together to do what they could to support the war effort.

My Grandma and her three friends were no exception. Verna (my grandma), Lola, Gladys, and Maxine formed the “Jot’s Club.” They were all school teachers, and they also all had a “sweetie-pie” and a brother far away from home serving in the military and fighting the war. The Jots had one purpose – to write to their boys. They met once a week, in the upstairs bedroom of my grandma’s house, where they wrote  a newsletter that they called the “Jot-it-Down.” Every week they compiled stories from the home front, as well as news about the goings-on of each of the boys, and they mailed it out to the “Joes” who were scattered all over the world.


As time went on, the mailing list grew to several dozen Hatton boys.  According to the boys, receiving the “Jot-it-Down” was a highlight of every week, and some even read it aloud to fellow soldiers. It became a weekly source of information and entertainment for whole platoons. The letter usually included news from the community, poems written by the girls, and sometimes poems or stories sent in from one of the boys. Usually there were juicy pieces of gossip, maybe a complaint or two, a listing of the top songs playing on the radio, and always jokes and funny bits that were good for some laughs.

To fund the newsletter, and to pay for postage, the girls set up a stand near the general store on Saturday nights where they sold ice cream. They also charged a nickel to anyone who wanted to visit their meeting room. Visitors were treated to a large display of letters, souvenirs, and photos sent home from the boys.


The boys were faithful in writing back in return with news of their whereabouts, and confirmation that all was well. The Jots had created a system of communication for the whole community. They kept the boys’ spirits high and kept them informed about what was going on at home, and it gave them a way for everyone to stay in touch with one another.

Miraculously, all of the boys eventually made it home alive and well.

I love hearing my grandma talk about this time in their lives. I know it was a difficult time, but the stories of how everyone came together to support one another and the war effort fascinate me. I love how those four girls, with their simple idea of writing letters, were able to provide such a needed line of communication and warmth from home to all of their friends and loved ones who were risking so much to help win the war.

Recently my grandma gave me a notebook full of all the original “Jot-it-Down” newsletters. Reading them is like opening a time capsule into their lives at that time. It is such a treasure.

I actually think the whole story would make a really great book… or a movie…

loyal and true

Our hope is that you would think about those people in your life who serve our country, and write them a note of thanks, and send them some words of encouragement. Especially if they are far away from home.

You can find all three of our military cards in our shop right here.

:: Carrie ::