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2011 Letterpress Calendars!

2011 Letterpress Calendars! Get ’em while you can!
Cause there are only 200 of each, and it’s only September, but they’re selling quick!

Last year printing our calendar took us from Labor Day weekend all the way into November. It’s pretty much the only project we did all autumn long. This year the drawings took us longer, but we printed it in just a couple of weekends. What will we do with our spare time?

This is my farm scape. I really love the way it turned out. I like it so much because I think it looks like someone else drew it! And I LOVE the colors. So happy!

This is Carrie’s Flower Garden. I love the colors here, too! And the flower illustrations are brilliant. Doing the lining up was a bit of a challenge, but we did it! We’ve finally gotten to the point where we can think ahead and see problems. Like this time before we did anything else, we printed a few test prints with the dark lines so that we’d be able to line the whole thing up better.

This is my boats drawing, it’s the misfit because it’s horizontal.

And finally, Carrie’s “Things That Are Long” which we also have made into a poster. (I’ll post about that later). On a side note, I think we’re getting so much better with our photography. With the help of Carrie’s mom and dad, we shot these all at their farm. Carrie happened to be wearing the most perfect dress/boots, and the sunlight was beautiful. Nothing like the country in the fall!

Last week, we were featured on Design*Sponge (This is the holy grail of good publicity right to our target market) And we’ve been crazy-busy shipping, which is a great thing!
Have a great week everyone!

What We Did Today

(photo by my mom)

I’m dead-dog tired today. Carrie and I printed a total of 8 rounds of colors on our press, with washups in between all! We have all but 1 of our 2011 caledars done! Consider this your very sneaky peek. I might be posting the finished versions soon, but we’re not quite ready to sell them yet.

We’ve been super busy with 1canoe2. Carrie’s family’s corn maze starts in a week, and we’re getting (gently) kicked out of our space at the barn while it’s going on. This will involve our beloved presses and paper cutter going 1 mile down a dusty gravel road on the front of a tractor. I’ve asked to not be present, so as not to have a heart attack. Sooo we’ve been printing like crazy in an effort to be efficient.

We’re also working on a website, possible holiday cards, and generally getting our ducks in a row for the holiday season.

Oh yeah, and I’m pregnant. 20 weeks along, and have been super sick, so there’s my excuse for not posting all summer. It seems like all I can muster is the energy to draw a teeny bit, ship orders, and keep 1canoe2 going. Not to mention, my blog time is usually early morning, and let’s just say those haven’t been pretty for several months. Here’s hoping for a healthy happy baby on the ultrasound next week. I’m thinking that will be the moment it all sets in. There will be a baby here on or before January 15th! Then I’ll get a luxurious 8-12 week vacation. HA!

Anne and Dan's Wedding Invitations

Here are some lovely wedding invites that we designed ourselves and printed for the charming Anne and Dan.

We printed these on the 220 lb Crane’s Lettra…it’s like buttah. They’re our favorite invitation job by far.

They had a small breakfast wedding complete with seersucker and coffee cake! How sweet!

Remember that flower from my sketchbook? (It’s been so long since I’ve blogged, you can probably just scroll down, but here’s the link just in case)

People, I have so much in the hopper that I can’t tell you about just yet. I will say this: I have a HUGE order from a large national retailer that I’m trying to get done, and I also have a licensing deal for some of my artwork. And a bit of personal news as well…but it will all have to wait.

This week is QUILTFEST! I need a jump in the lake like nobody’s business. I will definitely be posting about that when I get back. Bear with me!

Living Up to Our Name

Carrie and I took a couple of days out of the week and went for our first official company-wide float trip! We get asked all the time about our company name, and while I wish there was a more clever story, basically, we just like canoeing a lot, and then we liked how “1canoe2” sounded.

It’s been several years since Carrie and were in a canoe together, and it was exactly what the doctor ordered! We camped the night before and were on the water before 9am.

Southern Missouri has some really great floating rivers, but the best in my opinion are in the Ozark Scenic Riverways National Park. We floated the Current, which is completely springfed, meaning that the water is completely clear, even when it’s 15 feet deep, fairly fast moving, and COLD. Every time you pass another spring, the water gets cold again.

We floated 10 miles or so, and never saw another boat of people. Heaven! It was one of the nicest days of the summer so far (83 degrees) and so we didn’t swim as much as we normally might have. Great weather for camping, but a little chilly for jumping in 60 degree water!

We saw lots of turtles, and 3 cranes.

There are several great floating rivers in Missouri. Unfortunately, a lot of them are full of partying rednecks on the weekends. I think the Current River tries to keep that to a minimum. It also helps that we went on a Tuesday. All in all, it’s a relaxing experience. It really felt like a breath of fresh air in the middle of the week!