This week I made a chocolate cream pie for my cousin, Brett! It was his birthday on Thursday.

You know Brett. He’s the one in our Farming With Brett series. Actually, he’s kind of becoming famous. At our last show in NYC at least two different people commented that they love reading about our farming operation in central Missouri, and hearing about it first hand from Brett! Yes, you’re right, two people isn’t very many, but one of those people was from Belgium! INTERNATIONAL fame.

My mom makes this pie quite a bit. I got the recipe from her, and it originally came from an older woman in our community. It’s one of those tried and true recipes that you can find in the church cookbook. It’s also not very detailed. Here it is, word for word…


Chocolate Pie

1 c. sugar
2 T cocoa
2 c. milk
2 T flour
1 lump butter 
3 egg yolks
pinch salt
Cook in a sauce pan on the stovetop until thick; add 1 tsp vanilla. Pour into your favorite cooked pie crust. Beat egg whites; add 3 tsp of sugar and put on top of the pie to bake until done. 


In other words, this is a chocolate meringue pie.

You will need to prepare a single pastry crust, fit it to your pie plate, and pre-bake it for about 15-20 minutes. Mix the remaining ingredients in a small saucepan (saving the egg whites for the meringue) and cook at a medium temperature until thickened. Make sure to stir often while cooking. Pour the thickened filling into the baked pie crust. For the topping, beat the egg whites with an electric mixer until they are white and fluffy. Mix in 3 tsp of sugar, and spread the meringue mixture on top of the pie. Place the pie in a 350 degree oven until the topping begins to brown slightly on top.

Also, I’m not sure what size a lump of butter is, but I used about 1 Tablespoon.

:: Carrie ::