We are SO excited to be able to introduce you to our newest collection of art prints! We call this series “The Great Wide Open”, and it is the celebration of the beautiful, majestic places of untouched America. What you see here is the culmination of several months of work. From concept, to painting, to figuring out the logistics for production, to photographing them, it took several of us many hours to get to this point. But we are thrilled with the outcome, and just filled with pride in knowing that hard work pays off!

We all put in a lot of time and effort in our own ways, but I guess the whole idea for this project started in my head, so let me TRY and describe to you where that came from. This might get kind of wordy, and formal sounding, but I’m going to go ahead and say it…

I’ve always been drawn to big wide open spaces. Those untouched parts of our country, places that still look the same as they did before our nation existed. Places where you can see for miles and the sky is big and huge. This may come from growing up on the prairie in central Missouri surrounded by farmland as far as the eye can see. But, I also love the view from the top of a mountain, or gazing out over the vastness of the ocean. Give me a clear view of the sky and I could watch clouds float by all day long. There’s something about being in a big place and feeling so small, that makes me appreciate the grandness and beauty of the world, and I wanted to capture that in some way. Each of the five paintings included in the series are based on photographs that I took, or memories of places that left a big impression on me. The words and text are hand painted as well, and come from the songs “America the Beautiful” and “Home on the Range”.

So, that’s how I would DESCRIBE this collection to you, but if you are more of a picture person, like I am, here are some photos so you can SEE this series and how it developed, from concept, to a painting on my studio table, to the final piece…




Waves of Grain




Sea to Shining Sea




Where the Buffalo Roam




Wild Rocky Mountains



Cloudy Skies


We hope you are clearing a spot on your wall for one of these! The series includes five original paintings which are reproduced as prints on birch plywood. They are available in two different sizes, finished with a sturdy oak frame, and sealed with a UV coating to last for years to come! For more information and to purchase one of these you can see them in our shop, right here.


:: Carrie ::