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Things We Love :: Fall


“No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.” – John Donne

Maybe you live in a place where the leaves turn bright colors in the fall. If you do, I hope you take some time out each year to soak it all in. Our fall has been spectacular this year. So beautiful! There’s usually about a two week time period, as all the leaves are changing, when everything is at it’s peak. I always wish that it could last longer, or that the trees looked like that all the time, but then I guess it would just be one of those things that we got used to, and it wouldn’t seem special any more.


I love that there is this surprise every fall. We kind of forget throughout the year, at least I think I do, just how beautiful it is until it happens. There is this burst of awesome, and then it’s over.


I imagine, that when God planned it all out he thought, “Man, this is really going to knock their socks off!” And it does. Every single time.


Hikes in the woods on a perfect fall day are pretty hard to beat.


What’s fall like where you live?

:: Carrie ::