This weekend I had some help tearing a little old shed down to it’s bare bones.

We stripped the boards off the outside walls, pulled out all the old rusty nails, threw the salvaged wood onto the back of the pickup truck, and took it home.

Why?  Well, we have big plans for this little shed.

1canoe2 is going to be an exhibitor at the New York International Gift Fair in New York City at the end of January.  We went to the Big Apple last May to take part in the National Stationery Show, which was a great experience for us.  We learned a ton.  But we decided that maybe we could find a better niche at the gift show, because we have more than just stationery to offer.

When we were there in May one of the big things we learned is how to really make an impression at a big trade show.  We saw some incredible booths where the exhibitors had put a huge amount of time into planning a display that showed off their product.  We took note.  We immediately had some big ideas of what we would to the next time.

Well, the next time is here.  We’re planning our set up for the gift show and that’s where this little shed comes in.  We’re using the salvaged boards to build the display walls for our booth.  So, why not just go buy some lumber?  Why go to the trouble of salvaging it from an old leaning-over little building?  Well, we decided that we want our potential wholesale buyers to really feel what 1canoe2 is all about.  We want it to  feel like they’re stepping into our studio when they come to visit us.  So, we’re using old weathered barn board.  And as my dad says, “you can’t buy this stuff.”

That’s the plan.  It’s exciting, and a little intimidating.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

:: Carrie ::