We’ve known about this for a while now, but today is the day.

Today 1canoe2 is the featured seller on Etsy!    We are pretty excited, and really feel honored that we would be picked out of the who-knows-how-many other incredible shops are out there.  Thanks Etsy!

And since we are going to have a lot of visitors today we thought we’d share some more photos.  A couple of weeks ago we were visited by the lovely Donna Boucher, aka Miz Booshay.    We are big fans of her photography, and were thrilled that she brought along her camera.  She has such an eye for using natural light, her photos are beautiful, just like her heart!

Our presses are located in Carrie’s family’s big red barn.  If you are ever in or around the Columbia, Missouri area, you probably know where this is.

Operating the press and feeding in each paper is often times a two person job.

Hot off the press, literally!