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fathers day

Everyone Loves Pie {Week 25}

This past Sunday, for Father’s Day, I made a shoo-fly pie for my dad. Here are some things about my dad – He loves to tell stories. He’s the one who cuts all those little stumps for our desk calendars. I think he secretly wishes that he had been a mountain climber or an arctic explorer. He let us take over his old barn and turn it into our studio. He was once mistaken for Teddy Roosevelt by a six year old boy. AND, he has been one of the biggest 1canoe2 supporters from the VERY beginning. He definitely deserves a pie. Another thing about my dad – he loves molasses. I ran across this traditional Pennsylvania Dutch recipe for shoo-fly pie a while back and bookmarked it just for this occasion. Molasses, cinnamon, nutmeg… it tastes a little bit like gingerbread, and it was really good!


Father’s Day!

Don’t forget to do something nice for your dad this weekend to let him know just how much he means to you! Maybe you could grill him a big steak, or take him fishing, or go for a round of golf together. He’d probably love that.

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