Lemon raspberry icebox pie. Doesn’t that just sound like something you’d like to eat on a hot summer day? We’ve had such a mild, out-of-the-ordinary summer for the most part. But, the last couple of weeks have been hot and humid – the norm for summer weather around here. Karen’s birthday was this week, and I know she loves raspberries, and this pie sounded really good to me, so that settled it! We all dug into this after lunch at the barn on Tuesday – but not until it was bedazzled with sparkler candles, and we all belted out a cheerful rendition of “Happy Birthday” to Karen, of course!


Lemon Raspberry Icebox Pie


1 1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs
1/4 cup milk powder
2 Tbs sugar
3/4 tsp. kosher salt
4 Tbs butter, melted
1/4 cup heavy cream
2 (3 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened (full fat)
1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
1/3 cup fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 pint fresh raspberries


For the crust: Toss the graham cracker crumbs, milk powder, sugar and salt in a medium bowl to evenly distribute. Whisk the butter and heavy cream together, and add to the dry ingredients. Stir together, or mix with your hands to evenly distribute. The mixture should hold its shape if squeezed tightly in the palm of your hand. Dump the mixture into a 9 inch pie plate and press into the bottom and up the sides until a crust is formed. Bake for 10-15 minutes in a 375 degree oven, until it slightly browns. After baking, let it cool to room temperature, or place it in the refrigerator to chill.
For the filling: Beat the cream cheese and condensed milk in a bowl using an electric mixer on med-high speed until smooth and fluffy (about 2 minutes). Add in the lemon juice and continue beating for 1 minute. Blend in the vanilla; scrape mixture into the chilled pie crust; smooth the top with the back of a spoon. Cover with loosely tented foil and refrigerate for at least 2 hours but preferably longer and up to overnight. Shortly before ready to serve, scatter the raspberries evenly over the pie. Serve with a spoonful of whipped cream.

:: Carrie ::