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New Prints!

It’s been a little while since we’ve added any new art prints to our line, but the wait is over! We now have two new letterpress prints in the shop.

Take a Hike! Inspired by our love of the outdoors. This is a companion print to our Go Outside and Play and Let’s Go Ride Bikes prints. They’re the same size, and would look great together on the wall!


Hand-drawn illustration
8×10 printed area on 9×12 paper
100% Cotton Letterpress paper
Printed in 7 colors on our 10×15 Chandler and Price letterpress.
edition of 400, signed and numbered

Things that are Tall. The third print in our series of “Things That Are…” these things are tall!


Hand-drawn illustration
Printed in four colors on our Chandler & Price press
Measures 11×14 inches
100% cotton letterpress paper
Limited edition of 400, signed and numbered

You can find both of them in our shop!

Renegade Holiday Sale

It’s that time of year again!  Time for the Chicago Renegade Holiday Sale!  THIS WEEKEND!

We’re packing up and driving north for one of our favorite weekends of the year.  The guys and gals at Renegade put on such a great event, and we love being a part of it!  Last year was a big success, and we’re hoping for nothing less this time around!  Come see us!

We have several new products that are making their debut!  Our recipe binder would make a great gift for anyone who loves to spend time in the kitchen.  And, our Home Sweet Home print would look fabulous on anyone’s wall.

Hot off the press this week is our bigger, more colorful, and simply more awesome version of our popular Lets Go Ride Bikes print.  And don’t forget to pick up a little holiday card to send to someone special!

We’ve had some help in the wood shop over the last couple of weeks building a brand spanking new display for our letterpress goods.  We’re ready, and we can’t wait to see you!  If you are anywhere near Chicago this weekend come to the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse.  I really can’t think of a better place to shop for the holidays!

:: Carrie ::



Branching Out

We have some exciting news to share!  1canoe2 holiday card templates are now available on!

Last spring at the National Stationery Show in NYC we met some of the folks from Mpix, which is a really great website for custom cards, prints, calendars and all sorts of stuff.  The funny part is that the company is based right here in our own hometown.  What are the chances that we’d both have to travel to the big city to find one another?  Well, that’s what happened.   They asked us to do some design work for their holiday line, which we were thrilled to do!

There are around 25 of our designs to choose from, and you provide the photos to insert into the templates.  In order to see all of the options you will need to set up an account and login to their site, which is super simple.  Mpix is fantastic!  We highly recommend their products, they do great work.

And, that’s not all!  We were also asked to create some simple design elements for their new letterpressed line of custom cards, save the dates, etc.  These items are available through Miller’s Professional Imaging, another division of the same company.

We love these!  Very classy.  Such a great way to incorporate your own family photos with the luxurious feel of letterpress!



:: Carrie ::

These are the People in Your Neighborhood

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are SO excited to formally introduce you to the first four prints in our new series that we call “The People in Your Neighborhood”.  These have been a work in progress for quite some time, and you can expect two more to be added to the series sometime in the near future.  We think they are quite charming.

The idea for this series has an interesting origin.  Last school year I was lucky enough to get to host a student teacher for a semester.  It was great.  An extra set of hands in an elementary art room is like striking gold.  My pre-service teacher (that’s the official title) did a fantastic job developing projects for our kids to dive into.  One of the projects that he taught was relief portraits.  Any time we use clay it is always a big hit, but these were just the best.  The kids did a super awesome job and they had so much fun doing it. *

*  Here is where I need to tell you that I did take photos of all of their awesome and hilarious relief portraits, but somehow they all got deleted from my camera before I uploaded them to the computer.  I’m sorry, my fault.  Trust me, they were great.

The best part about having a student teacher is that by the end of the semester, they are fully in charge of the classroom.  What did that mean for me?  Well, it meant that I got to play with clay too, right along with the kids.   Let me tell you, it is really rare in an elementary art classroom to get the chance to actually sit down.  But to sit down AND get to use my own creative juices to make something awesome?  Unheard of.

So here’s what I made.  Well, these are the two that survived the kiln.  I had another, but he fell victim in the great kiln disaster of 2011.  Let’s just say, I probably fired one batch a little early, before the clay had fully dried out.  Most of those came out cracked and broken into lots of pieces.  That was fun news to break to the kids.  ”Boys and girls, today we are going to have a lesson on dealing with disappointment…”  They actually took it REALLY well, I was worried.  I guess we both learned something through that experience.

When I showed them to Beth she immediately said, “You have to draw those so we can print them!”

So I did.  And I came up with a few other characters while I was at it.

Here we have Beehive Betty the Librarian.  She has a very high-maintenance hairdo.

This handsome man is The Professor,  a kind and scholarly gentleman.

 The Sailor  sports a righteous mustache…as all self-respecting seamen must.

And finally, please say hello to The Mermaid…the siren of the sea.

Each of these prints is 8×10 and was printed in our studio on our Chandler & Price letterpress.  They are all available in our shop, so get them while they’re hot!

:: Carrie ::

Renegade Craft Fair 2011

We did it.  The Chicago Renegade Craft Fair is in the books, and we’re chalking it up as a success.  It was two days of non-stop work, and we came home exhausted, but it was an incredible experience! Seven blocks of Division Street were shut down for the whole weekend as 300 vendors set up shop.  And the people came.  Lots of people came.

This was our first time at a big outdoor show, and we were prayin’ that it wouldn’t rain, because rain and paper products wouldn’t exactly get along.  The weekend turned out to be BEAUTIFUL.

Our 2012 Calendar was on full display, and customers seemed to love it!  In fact, we sold every last one that we took with us, and people were asking for more.

Our booth was busy the entire time.  SO many people came by, and it was great talking to our customers.  We love getting feedback on our work, and seeing people’s reactions when they come in.  Since we sell so much through Etsy and wholesale we don’t often get that face to face time with the people who are actually buying our products.  We loved it!  Thanks to those of you who stopped in to do a little shopping.

We all took turns sneaking away from our booth to do some shopping of our own.  It was fun to re-connect with friends that we’ve made through doing the Renegade Holiday show the past couple of  years.  We also got to meet a lot of new people who I’m sure we’ll be crossing paths with in the future.  It is pretty awesome to be a part of the Renegade community – there is a lot of amazing talent out there!

Of course, we made a stop at the Renegade Handmade Store, which makes it’s permanent home on Division Street, and we left them with a brand new batch of 1canoe2 products.  Bonus points if you can spot our thank you notes in the display above.

What a great weekend!  Thank you to everyone who came to see us.  We love sending our letterpress goodness out into the world.  And, a  big huge thanks to the Renegade gang for making this gigantic event happen.  I can’t imagine all of the hard work and organization it takes to pull off a big event like this.  Good job.  We’ll be back.

:: Carrie ::

2012 Letterpress Calendar! Get 'em while they last!


There have been some sneak peeks of our calendar leaking out ever since the National Stationery Show, but we’ve finally loaunched it in our Etsy shop!

This year was different because we actually designed the calendar in January and printed it in March.  Talk about working ahead!


We decided to go with a fun and functional desk calendar this year, and besides some chipper illustrations, one of the coolest and most unique things about this calendar is that it comes with a one-of-a-kind hedgewood stump cut from the fields of the farm where we have our studio. After 2012 has passed you by, you’ll be able to use the stump for photos or cards or recipe cards for years to come!




We really concentrated on the lettering for the months. It’s hard to come up with 12 different styles! And it’s even harder for me not to sing “I’ll be Gone till November honey, gone till November….” the entire time I’m drawing that word.

Here’s a view of all of the designs. See if you can tell who drew what. Here’s a secret: my husband, Jason actually drew one of the months.


Be warned: we only printed 600 of these, and we are NOT reprinting. We’ve already sold more than 200, so get ’em while you can!

Here are the details:

  • 12 months on 6 cards, double sided
  • Printed on luxurious bright white Lettra 110lb cardstock
  • cards measure 3.5 x 5 inches and the wood stump greatly varies, but is about 1 inch thick
  • Limited edition of 600
  • Ships in a cardboard box, with recycled packaging materials


National Stationery Show Preview

We have been absent from the blog recently, and we apologize.  But, don’t think that things haven’t been happening!  We have actually been busy.  Really busy.

This weekend we are jetting off to New York City for one of our biggest adventures yet.  We are taking the plunge and setting up as vendors for the first time at the National Stationery Show.  You can find us in booth #1055 at the Javits Convention Center this Sunday, May 15th through Wednesday, May 18th.

Last week we shipped off a pallet loaded with most of our supplies and inventory for our booth.

How do you prepare for a national trade show?  Well, let us tell you, it is a lot of work.  Here are some things we’ve been doing…

::  Designing and printing lots of new products.

::  Designing and producing (if we do say so ourselves) a top notch, colorful, glossy, informative, can’t take our eyes off of it press kit to hand out to potential clients.

::  Making decisions about…lighting, flooring, wall materials, display options, colors, shelving, advertising options…and the list goes on.

::  Tracking down furniture that will work in our booth and is portable enough to ship to the site.

::  Consulting with several like-minded creative types who have gone before us.  The information we have gained from them has been invaluable!

::  Booking airline tickets and tracking down a place to stay in NYC.


Yes, it has been a lot of work.  But, we can’t wait to go and see how all of our hard work pays off!

Here is a sneak preview at a few of the new products that we’ve recently completed, which we will be debuting next week at the show.








Here’s to a great first show, meeting new people, and successful navigation of the NYC subway system!

We’ll be back with a recap when we get home!


Outlaws of the Wild West

It’s in the shop!  Our latest print, Outlaws of the Wild West.  We’re pretty excited about it, and we think you’ll like it too.  Sixteen of the biggest and baddest outlaws the wild west ever saw.

Train robberies, gun fights, stagecoach heists, and cold blooded murder.  These guys (and gals) didn’t mess around.  

This is Butch Cassidy and his gang.  Don’t let their fancy suits and neatly groomed mustaches fool you, they have guns, and they’re not afraid to use them.


This is Black Jack Ketchum.

He was a big time train robber.  I mean big time.  He was caught and sentenced to death by hanging.  Ouch.  His last words were “Let ‘er rip!”









And this, my friends, is the legendary Jesse James.

Born in Clay County, Missouri, but known around the world.  He was the leader of a gang.  Altogether they robbed 12 banks, 7 trains, and 6 stagecoaches for a total of over a quarter million dollars.  Jesse’s father was a Baptist minister.  I bet he didn’t approve.







And, here’s some shots of my sketchbook, where our design started taking shape.

Gotta get those mustaches juuuuuust right.


From the portraits to the lettering, everything about this print is hand drawn before putting it all together, and printing it on our Chandler & Price Letterpress.


Outlaws of the Wild West, 11×14 inches. Printed on bright white Cranes Lettra Letterpress paper with brown and light blue ink.

:: Carrie ::