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Olympic Fever

The Olympics are here!  I hope you are catching as much of it as you can – we only get this once every four years, you know.  You’ve got to love all of the stories and the drama that come with the games.  Swimming, gymnastics, basketball, kayaking, table tennis, archery.  There’s just so much to see.

We’re really looking forward to the men’s shot put competition. Yeah, the shot put.

Our very own mid-Missouri boy, Christian Cantwell, will be throwing the shot for the United States this Friday.  Cantwell lives and trains right here in Columbia.  He brought home the silver from Beijing, he’s a favorite to win the gold in London, and he’s an all around nice guy.  Can you imagine throwing a 16 lb. metal ball farther than 70 feet?  Nope, me either.

Here’s a few other links to fuel your Olympic Fever…

Olympics, by East End Prints

Kim Rhode just won her 5th gold medal.  That’s five gold medals in five consecutive Olympic games!

Watch Kevin Mansker, of USA Cycling hit 257rpm.

Six lost Olympic sports.

Apparently Michael Phelps has been working on his English language skills. Just kidding.



Beat 2012

If there is one thing I’m looking forward to this summer it is the 2012 Olympics.  I. Love. The. Olympics.  How can you not?  The stories of overcoming obstacles, the national pride, and all those obscure and quirky sports that get time in the once-every-four-years spotlight.  It’s just the best.  I always find myself thinking “How can I get to the Olympics?  Surely there is some obscure skill out there that I could become world class at.”  Archery?  Badminton?  Shooting?

So what will the Olympics sound like this year?  Check this out.  Mark Ronson spent months with Olympic sports men and women from across the board, sound-recording their every hop, skip and jump.  He collected enough sound to use as ingredients for some exciting, Olympic tunes.  Here is the trailer for  Beat 2012  â€“ a film documenting his journey.

It’s time to work on my Badminton serve.

:: Carrie ::