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Presidential Drinking Glasses

We are SO excited to present to you our Presidential Drinking Glasses! They’re the newest star in the 1canoe2 line!

A set of four glasses, featuring four of our favorite presidents. Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and Teddy Roosevelt. Each glass features a presidential portrait on the front, and some off-the-wall facts on the back. Did you know that Thomas Jefferson died on the 4th of July? Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was a talented wrestler? It’s true!


Each set of glasses is packaged in a custom letterpress gift box and shipped right to you. We really couldn’t think of a better gift for the history buff, outstanding patriot, or hard-to-buy for dude in your life!

Pick up a set in our shop while you can! And, if you are looking for something else with a little presidential flair don’t forget about our Hail to the Chief print. It’s always a winner.


We chose these four presidents for our set because of their interesting characteristics and contributions to our country. At this time, we cannot accomodate custom requests for other presidents, but we hope these are a success and that we’ll be able to bring you every single president at a future date!

This Week in the Studio…

We had a great time at NYIGF!  Travel went smoothly, we had a great place to stay, and the show went really well!  So, what happens the week after a trade show? We all take a big sigh of relief, first of all. Then, its packing orders and shipping boxes to our new wholesale accounts, and re-printing items that we sold more than we have in stock. There’s a lot of following up with the contacts we made in NYC. We’re also taking a good hard look at where we are, and setting some goals for where we want to be in the weeks and months ahead.

More about our time in New York later, but for now, here are a couple of things that came out of the studio this week:

One of our favorites!  Hail to the Chief!  This is the second edition of this print, and it’s back in the shop.  So, if you have been thinking about needing a little presidential history in your life, now is the time.  Presidents day is Monday, February 20th, and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate!  Treat yo’ self!!

Also, this week, another printing of our ever popular valentines!  Don’t forget your sweetie!  This reminder might be a little late, but in case you are running behind (we all do sometimes) you can find our valentines right here.

There has also been some interesting things going on just outside our studio this week as well.  On Wednesday I took a little break from printing to go for a walk with Toby (Karen’s dog) to the big lake on our farm.

We’ve had a GIGANTIC flock of snow geese visiting this week.  A lot of geese.  I mean, a lot.  Thousands.  Sometimes they all congregate in the middle of a field, and sometimes they sit on the lake.  They are loud, and they draw a lot of attention.  There have been pickup trucks (ones that we don’t recognize) driving ever so slowly up and down the road.  Prospective hunters, I’m guessing, just watching the birds.

The best part is when they all decide to take flight.  Remember this video I posted?  Amazing.  Well, on Wednesday when Toby and I took off on our walk all the geese were sitting on the lake.  It’s pretty hard to sneak up on a flock of geese with a labrador retriever in the midst.  I had my video camera ready, and here is what we saw…

:: Carrie ::

Happy Birthday America

You’re lookin’ good.

Places in America Print, by You Me and the Royal We.

American Souvenir Collection, by Dolan Geiman.

America the Beautiful, by Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth (Tugboat Printshop)


Keep Talking America, by Sarajo Frieden



And, here is some exciting news:  Our Hail to the Chief Print can soon be found at the Smithsonian!  Well, in the museum shop, but still, it’s the Smithsonian!!  How about that.