The title of this post sounds technical, but all I really mean is that I’m at Quiltfest this week working on fabric instead of printing. Carrie took a big vacation and saw the world, and I went for the relaxing route and am spending time with my extened family on a lake in Eastern Tennessee. Both trips serve a creative purpose though: breaking out of your current mind frame.

I have all of these theories about creativity and how doing other types of art and going at problems from a different perspective is good for your brain. And it helps you to be more creative. I have plans to do some drawing this week, but mostly, I’m trying to set a record for bib-making.

In past Quiltfests, I’ve started and (less than most of the time) finished big quilt projects. Now with sweet Amelia here, I had low expectations for big project. And I have a few of those big projects that really need to be finished. One thing I didn’t think about: there are 2 other kids here, and they’re always begging to play with Amelia. Brilliant! All kids are occupied! If all else fails, I just put Amelia in her high chair with some empty spools and she’s set for at least 3 minutes.