Football season is here! Although it doesn’t feel like fall yet, it’s a guarantee that when the pigskin starts flying the weather is about to start cooling down. After this summer we are all ready for that.

Last night it was finally time to head over to Faurot Field to watch our Mizzou Tigers take on Southeastern Louisiana in our first game of the season. Karen, Beth and I are all alumni of the University of Missouri (and proud of it!) and I love the fact that we still live close and can cheer on our Tigers from the stadium seats. There’s nothing like being part of that big sea of black and gold! It ended up raining for most of the game, but no one seemed to care. We came away with a 62-10 win, and our boys looked good!

There are big changes going on around here. BIG changes. It’s our inaugural season in the Southeastern Conference, and you know those SEC schools take their football seriously. The schedule this year looks so strange. No more Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas and Kansas. (It’s kind of sad, really) Instead, we’re about to welcome Georgia, Vanderbilt, Kentucky and Alabama to town. Alabama!? Holy cow. We better be ready for that one. Make sure those helmets are fastened on extra tight!

Next Saturday the Georgia Bulldogs make their way to Columbia for our first SEC game ever. It’s going to be a big day, and apparently, our defensive tackle, Sheldon Richardson, isn’t scared.

So, here’s to a good season! Yeah, it may be an adjustment year. I think we (players and fans) have a little bit of learning to do about what it means to be a part of the SEC. I’ve heard it described as the biggest and most powerful conference that ever existed.

Oh boy. It’s time to up our game.

:: Carrie ::