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Winter At It’s Best

It’s a wintery wonderland in our part of the world! We’ve been hit with a couple of snowstorms, back to back, in the course of the last week. Winter, you have finally arrived!

I’m a firm believer in making the most of what each season has to offer.

It’s been a while since we have seen any big snows, and I’ll just speak for myself, but I’m glad to see it. Yes, it can make for some treacherous conditions, and yes, it might be inconvenient, but come on, it’s beautiful!

I’m wondering what is going on inside the beehive right now. Hope they’re keeping warm in there!

I’ve been very thankful these past few days for a warm and cozy house, friendly neighbors with snow-blowers, and a set of wheels with four-wheel drive.

Enjoy winter while you can, because spring is right around the corner!

:: Carrie ::


A White Christmas on the Prairie

It’s January, I know.

Christmas is so 2010.

But lets reminisce  for just a moment.

We were lucky enough in Mid-Missouri to get a WHITE Christmas this time!  It doesn’t happen every year, but this year it did, and it was beautiful!  A fresh blanket of snow.  Sometimes snow storms on the prairie can be brutal.  Think wide open spaces, with no wind block.  The wind can drift the snow like you wouldn’t believe, and getting snowed in is a real possibility when the drifts cover the roads.  Actually that’s kind of fun.  But that’s not the kind of storm we got this time.  This time we got a nice even blanket of snow, which makes for some perfect skiing conditions!


Yep, you heard me, skiing on the prairie.  There really are a lot of benefits of having access to farm equipment.  And, lucky for you, we made a fun little movie!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

And here’s to more adventures in 2011!