Over the past year or so we have been working really hard to grow the wholesale side of our business – that means getting our stuff into stores all over the place so that it can be discovered by people like you! Lots of packages and boxes have been leaving our doorstep with destinations like Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Or Bellingham, Washington. Berkely, California and Asbury Park, New Jersey. It sure is exciting to think about how far and wide we are reaching, but the best part is when someone we know stumbles upon something of ours in a place where they least expect it. That’s when we get an excited text message that says something like…”You are famous!!! Look what I found!!!”  This is usually accompanied by an awesome cell phone photo. We love it.

Here are some of our recent favorites…

Keep them coming!

If you happen to stumble across something of ours in a store in your hometown, or when you are traveling the world, snap a photo and send it our way.  We’d love to see it! You can send them to hello@1canoe2.com.

:: Carrie ::