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People Who Make the World Go Round {The Handyman}


Never take for granted a good handyman!

This month we are giving a big thank you to a couple of guys who have literally helped transform our business , our handymen, Steve and Brandon. †They make our world go round! Almost exactly a year ago we began the big project of renovating our barn and building a place that we could call our headquarters. It was no small task, and it took a lot of ingenuity, but Steve and Brandon were definitely up for the job, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! You can read about the whole project right here.

The guys just finished up little bit more work for us, installing more insulation and doing some finishing work in our storage room, so we really feel like the WHOLE project is finished. Today we all brought in a dish and we are having them over for a thank you lunch, which will also include a handwritten card from us, of course!

We hope you join us in thanking a handy-person that you know. Maybe your mechanic, your neighbor who always jumps in and lends a hand, or even that guy at Home Depot who always helps you find exactly what you need for all of those DIY home projects. You can download our handyman card right here. And, don’t forget to let us know about your handyman! You can tag any social media with #worldgoroundproject, or send us an email about it to

:: Carrie ::

People Who Make the World Go Round {The Mailman}

O' Mailman of mine

The mailman. WHAT would we do without our mailman?!

We are kicking off our “People Who Make the World Go Round” project with a big shout out to our mailman, Richard! The mail is very important to us – not only because we can use it to send greeting cards and thank you notes to all our favorite people (we are in the stationery business!), but also because we use it every day to send retail and wholesale orders to all of our customers. We literally would not be in business without the postal service, and Richard, and his diligence and faithfulness in picking up our packages every single day. And, man oh man, some days we have a mountain of packages. Especially during those busy times of year, like around the holidays. He always shows up with a smile on his face and the willingness to bend over backward to help us out.

Thanks, Richard! You make our world go round!


We left our mailman a little package of cookies with a note of thanks. We would LOVE if you would follow along and participate this month too! Maybe you could do something a little special for your mailman, or your UPS delivery guy, or the nice lady that works at the post office. We designed a little thank you card that you can save to your computer and print for your own use.

Click here to download the card, and don’t forget to send us any stories or photos about your experience with this project to, and on social media use #worldgoroundproject.

We can’t wait to see how you thank your mailman!

:: Carrie ::


People Who Make the World Go Round


Martin Luther King Jr. said it right! There really is great value in taking the roles that God has given us, finding joy in them, and putting our whole hearts into doing them well.

You know there are all those people in our lives, who go about their day to day business, doing their jobs with integrity and a smile on their faces, and we donít always stop to thank them. People like the mailman, the grocery clerk, a waiter or waitress, or a bank teller. Itís all of these people who really do make our world go round!

This year, in 2014, we are making it a point to go out of our way to thank these people. To let them know that we appreciate their work and that the world really wouldnít be the same without them. Each month we are going to choose one person who makes our world go round, and write them a little note of thanks, and maybe slip in a gift of appreciation as well. Last year was the year of pies, and this year is the year of thanks! You can follow along with us right here on the blog, and read the stories about who we are thanking.

We would LOVE it if you would join us and participate in this project! Each month we will have a printable card that you can download and use to thank someone in your life that makes your world go round. If you are participating, let us know! You can send photos and stories about your participation in the project to, and we may feature your story on our social media (with your permission, of course!) Also, tag your Instagram photos, tweets and Facebook updates with #worldgoroundproject so we can follow you!

We will be kicking off our project with thanking our mailman, so look for our blog post about that really soon! And, start thinking about all the people around you who make your world go round!

:: Carrie ::