Well, isn’t this delightful?

Earlier this year the guys and girls at the Etsy headquarters asked permission to use our “Things that are Long” artwork for some promotional items.  Of course we said “you bet, no problem!” and sent it right over.  We weren’t really sure what they were going to use it for, so we were excited when a package came that had a few of these inside!  You can get one of your own in the Etsy Store.

In related news, last week we unceremoniously hit the 4000 sales mark in our own etsy shop!  How about that?  It is kind of hard to believe that we have sent out that many packages.  I’m sure the crew at our local post office believes it.

In case you missed it, back in May during our big trip to the big apple we made it over to Brooklyn and got to visit the Etsy Headquarters.  It is a pretty incredible place!  You can read about it right here.