For the final leg of our trip Mei Ling and I hopped on a train and traveled from Salzburg, to Vienna.  We’d heard that Vienna is a pretty amazing city, so we were excited to end our trip there.

The best part about Vienna, from our perspective, is that it is where Liz lives!  Liz was another roommate of ours in college, and she’s been all over world since we all graduated.  She’s lived in the Ukraine, in Moscow, in Texas, and now she and her family (!) live in Vienna.  It was great to see her, and Matt, and their little one, Naomi who we got to meet for the first time!  She’s cute as a button.

It rained a bunch while we were in Vienna, but we still got out and did as much as we could.  We climbed up to the top of St. Stephen’s Cathedral to get a view of the city.  Look at the rooftop!  I loved the patterns. Those are ceramic tiles, glazed in all kinds of bright colors.

We visited Schönbrunn Palace, the summer residence of the Habsburg emperors.  It has 1,441 rooms.  Goodness.

We walked through a few of those rooms, but what we liked best was the garden surrounding the palace.  It covers 435 acres and includes hedge mazes, miles and miles of walking paths, a greenhouse filled with tropical plants, an orangerie (for growing oranges, of course) an aviary filled with birds, lots of fountains and pools, and a zoo!  With pandas!

We tried the famous Sacher Torte at Hotel Sacher – Vienna’s special chocolate cake.  Yeah, it was good.

And, we became acquainted with Austria’s favorite soft drink, Almdudler.  It’s similar to ginger ale, but maybe not quite as sweet.  And, it comes in some pretty great bottles.